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dog at vet, heartworm prevention heartgardIf you are a dog owner, you should take preventative measures to ensure that you dog doesn’t contract certain parasites. Ticks are common with dogs but there is another parasite that is harder to detect. I’m talking about heartworms. Heartworm disease is a truly frightening ordeal for dogs as the parasite can spread from the lungs and envelop your dog’s heart. You dog can contract heartworm when an infected mosquito bites him or her. The heartworm larvae can live in dogs for six to seven months before killing the dog. Often dogs die because dead heartworms leave the heart and enter the lungs, causing him or her to stop breathing.

Heartworms are more cause for concern during the summer months as both mosquitoes and heartworm larvae require warm weather to gestate. This is also the reason why dogs who spend a majority of their time outside should be heavily monitored for signs of heartworms. One sign of heartworms is lethargy, especially if your dog is usually active.

The best way to fight heartworms is to prevent them in the first place. For heartworm prevention, Heartgard and a few other companies offer medicine that wards off heartworms. The good thing about Heartgard is that it only needs to be taken monthly. The medicine is beef flavored so your dog won’t reject it like mint flavored dog mints! They come in a variety of dosages for different sized dogs.

As always, consult your veterinarian before administering any drugs for your dog.

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