5 ways to build an efficient kitchen


pull out cutting board

If you are hunting for ways to systematize your cupboards and countertops, a couple of hours and a few smart initiatives are all you need to convert a disorderly kitchen into a well-organized space for cooking and entertaining.

Install pull outs

Consider installing a pull out cutting board and roll out shelves and trays. These are some of the most proficient tools for cooks. Just pull them out when needed. In fact, hard-to-access cabinets can be converted into well-organized pull out drawers for stacking heavy pots and pans.

Make smart utilization of space

If utensils are not stored smartly, even the most expensive and good looking pitchers do not create an impact. Think of smarter space utilization and let the counter space remain at its premium. For example, you can use a rail system for attaching ladles, tongs and spoons on the wall instead of keeping them in a ceramic pitcher on the counter top.

Put away the underused

Keeping things organized is the key to perfect working in the kitchen. Cooking accessories, such as holiday cookie cutters and grilling spices can be kept in separate plastic bins and stored in a pantry since they are not in regular use. This will free up space for your everyday items.

Acquire cabinet dividers

Installing dividers can maximize storage space in under-counter cabinets. Get plastic or metal partition dividers to make space from top to bottom. Doing this, you can create designated areas for various items. For example, you can line up all your small electrical items like juicers and coffee grinders in one section while your vertical storage has trays, cutting boards and lids.

Shift plates down low

It is a general practice to store dishes in above-counter cabinets. But the shelf height does not allow you to reach items conveniently. A more convenient place like a large, deep drawer next to your dishwasher or near your dining area will certainly be a better choice. This will make unloading much easier.

Small changes that are wisely incorporated make a good difference and give an ease to work. The kitchen is an area that is most used in any family. Therefore maintaining it and keeping it organized is one way to make the entire family, friends and relatives happier.

Guest Blogger: Divya.



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