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santa cruz longboard

It’s been a whole decade since the 90’s, where the skater punk reigned supreme. It’s been even longer since the Brit punk era. The glory days of punk are definitely behind us, but for many of us, there will always be a soft spot for it. For all the aging punks, here are a few things you can try out to keep off the pounds you’re probably packing, while keeping the spirit alive.


santa cruz longboardSkateboarding has long been the favored sport of punks, and there is still a ton of people who love boarding in their free time. There are a bunch of similar activities that branch off, such as longboarding. If you’re interested in the longboarding scene, try picking up a Santa Cruz longboard and shoving off down some streets. Be sure to wear your punk cred while you’re at it.


BMX biking is another sport that had a revival with punk cred. Pick up a BMX bike and start learning some stunts to try out. As an added bonus, all the falling you’ll do will help you pick up some street cred as your clothes become more and more worn out. Eventually, you’ll be stunting with the best of them.


Okay, so this isn’t actually an activity, but I feel like it should be included on the list of athletic activities for punks. Rioting and general mayhem is a time-tested way for punks to fight against the establishment. Generally, this consists of burning cars and breaking windows, with a bunch of other like-minded fellows. However, be creative, try something new!

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