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In a perfect world, every shoe would fit perfectly, but as Cinderella’s evil stepsisters’ know, not every shoe is easy to get on. The solution – I’m sure you’re already thinking – would be to just buy shoes that fit. But even when shoes fit in the store, you can take them home to soon discover they scrunch your baby toe in an uncomfortable way or that by midday your feet have swelled slightly, making your new shoes suddenly unbearable.

This is where your handy shoe stretchers come in.

Shoe stretchers are said to work best on shoes that are leather, suede, or another natural material, while vinyl shoes are hard to stretch because the material doesn’t loosen as easily. Shoe stretchers should also only be used on shoes that need a slight stretch for comfort. They can’t perform miracles if you want your size 6 to instantly become a size 9.

You can find different shoe stretchers made for flats, boots, heels and sneakers, and they are made in size rangers for both men and women.  There are two-way stretchers that will stretch length and width, and shoe stretchers that are made to stretch a specific part of the shoe so decide on the option that works best for the shoe you plan to stretch.

shoe-stretchersEach shoe stretcher may work differently, so you’ll want to consult the directions before you begin. (Some stretchers require you to use a liquid or spray solution on the shoe during the stretching process.) Usually, you insert the shoe stretcher and then crank it until it stretches the shoe slightly.

You may end up leaving the shoes stretched only overnight or for several days, depending on how much the shoes need to be stretched. (You should also try a practice run with an inexpensive pair of shoes first, so you don’t risk over-stretching those beautiful Jimmy Choos.)

Check out the great selection of shoe stretchers available on and soon that glass slipper will fit perfectly!



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