Pacify your kids in the car with a Sony portable DVD player

Sony Portable DVD player

Driving your kids around can be quite a strenuous job. Keeping them in a single place is a task that is next to impossible. To keep them under control when you are out you would need something that will distract them a bit. A TV or a video of their favorite shows would be the best way to keep them from getting into mischief. Now since portable TVs are a little too difficult to handle a Portable DVD player should do the trick.

The Portable DVD players from Sony are known to be good and strong. They are perfect when it comes to kids due to their strong build quality and form. Among the Sony Portable DVD players the DVP FX950 is the one you should get. This portable DVD player has a 9 inch display which sports a resolution of 800 x 480. This screen has a 180 degree swivel and flip screen that allows you to watch your DVDs from almost any angle. This should be more sufficient to attract the attention of your kids. Apart from this, the DVD player also has 2 built-in headphone jacks so two people can listen at the same time.

In addition, this portable DVD player has a USB drive that allows you to play music and display photos off a flash drive. The 7 and a half hour battery life should be sufficient and if you happen to run out of juice you can easily recharge it with the car adaptor included. The most important feature here is that it can play multiple DVD formats so almost every show that your kid loves can be played no matter what. Lastly this DVD player is extremely strong and can take some damage so you don’t need to worry when your kids drop them.

So get yourself a Sony portable DVD player and keep your kids preoccupied during road trips!

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