The versatility of organic beeswax


organic beeswaxThere are many naturally occurring substances that we can use in our daily lives. Beeswax is a perfect example as it is made naturally by honey bees and can be turned into a myriad of different products such as bar soap, lotion, lip balm, and candles. Recently populations of bees have been found mysteriously dying. There is no conclusive evidence of what is causing these deaths but it would be devastating for agriculture and food supplies if bees keep dying. Let’s take a look at organic beeswax to see why having bees around is so beneficial.

The creation of beeswax was largely unknown until recently. As it turns out, bees have a natural ability to form the wax from the bottom of their abdomens. Throughout the day, bees will frequent hundreds of flowers, collecting nectar and pollen along the way. Back at the hive, bees will deposit their nectar and start to create honey, their only food source. Honey is used to feed their larvae and bees create a surplus so that they have something to eat during the winter months when flowers are scarce.

Honey bees make their hives and honeycomb out of the beeswax by chewing on them, which helps the wax to melt together and form the honeycomb. While honeycomb is edible, it can also be used as organic beeswax in products like soap, lotion, lip balm and candles. Companies such as Burt’s Bees has made a very successful line of lip balm skin care products that contain organic beeswax. We shouldn’t take this sustainable gift from our little bee friends for granted!

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