Top 5 Twilight Jewelry Boxes


Something is missing. It’s been missing all along. You feel it, every day when you wake up: a gaping void in your soul. You’ve felt it always, a creeping undercurrent of despair and uncertainty, cascading and coalescing into a sea of doubt until it crashes upon the shores of your fragile psyche and threatens to overwhelm you. Luckily there is a beacon at the end of the long night: official Twilight Jewelry boxes have arrived. That’s right,  now you can store away all your plastic valuables while staring longingly into the eyes of your favorite vampires. Here we profile what we’ve officially deemed the top Twilight Jewelry boxes on the market. Read on, but do so carefully, and choose wisely – finding the right Twilight jewelry box may very well be the most important decision you ever make.

Twilight Music Jewelry Box by NECA:

This beautifully ornate musical jewelry box features stylized depictions of Edward and Bella.Claude Debussy would no doubt be thrilled that upon opening, it also plays his exquisite and hauntingly emotional masterpiece, Clair de Lune. Finally, the novel’s famous quote is prominently displayed:  “And so the lion fell in love with the lamb.” Who needs Emerson when you’re dealing with that level of literary genius?



Twilight Square Metal Jewelry Box by NECA:

This quality jewelry box is made of real metal and really has some weight to it. The black and white picture of Edward is crisp and clear, so you’ll have trouble looking away if you ever accidentally lock eyes with it. Fans with overflowing Twilight jewelry collections though may want to invest in something a bit larger, as there are only so many crescent moon earrings you can store in this one before you can’t close the lid anymore.


Bella & Cullen’s by NECA:

This square metal box asks the question: “When you can live forever, what do you live for?” Obviously the only right answer in this case is Twilight. Be aware though that it is fairly small for a jewelry box, so you will likely need to buy several identical ones and incorporate them into your shrine.



Artsmith Inc. Keepsake Box, Mahogany Twilight Team Edward & Team Jacob:

That’s right. Team Edward vs. Team Jacob, the epic battle of our times. Chances are your friends already have a jewelry box, and they’re on the team you’re not. Don’t get outdone, your team depends on you.




Twilight “New Moon” Vintage Carrying Case:


Ok, so this one isn’t really a jewelry box. But its even better: this gorgeous piece of Twilight merchandise is a carrying case, which means that you can use it for anything. Need to bring your entire collection of Twilight books to the party? Twilight case is there. Need to stash your Bella costume for the next move premiere? Twilight case has got your back.

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  1. Revere Says:

    “Luckily there is a beacon at the end of the long night: official Twilight Jewelry boxes have arrived.”

    Ohh thank God! IDK what I would have done without them!

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