Why is a wooden high chair preferred


wooden high chair

Functionality and looks make the wooden high chairs a great choice for new parents. Wooden high chairs have a simple and elegant appeal and can be added to any room. With a plethora of designs and styles starting from contemporary to country with finishes of oak, cherry, maple and natural wood, you are bound to find a wooden high chair that complements your home’s interior as well as the budget.

The wooden high chair has been around since the fifteen hundreds and are still the most opted ones today. The contemporary version of a high chair comes in several styles keeping well in mind the safety of the baby and the aesthetics. The wooden chairs are far more durable, attractive and eco-friendly. They can be used for a second child too.

A modern day high chair made of wood has been crafted keeping a lot of things in mind that would mark the safety measures. For example, if there are spindles, it is made sure that little arms of the baby don’t get stuck in. For easy access, it also has a removable tray to make cleaning easy and maintaining hygiene.

Manufacturers such as Eddie Bauer recognize that apart from durability, the comfort and the safety of the baby is a top priority. For this reason they add a seat cushion to their wooden high chair, making it more comfy and restful for the little one.

The quality workmanship and classic styling help to make sure that the wooden high chairs are resilient, sturdy and will stand the test of time. They last for many years and are a wonderful family heirloom.

Guest Blogger: Divya.

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