Advantages of salmon dog food


salmon dog foodThere is a lot of controversy surrounding what types of food to feed dogs. Kibble will help a dog’s teeth by scraping tartar and plaque off his or her teeth. Wet dog food can be used to mix up your dog’s diet if she or he gets bored of a certain type of food. While types of food are important, it’s also very important to look at what ingredients are good for your dog.

One of the best ingredients that you can find in dog food is salmon. Fish, especially salmon, are known to contain a lot of great Omega 3 fats which helps with many different things like having a nice, shiny coat and aiding arthritic dogs. Salmon will also help with maintaining a healthy, active brain and also helps to fight cancer. This is especially useful for older dogs.

Regular dog food that doesn’t include salmon usually includes other types of meat like beef and chicken. While those meats are still nutritious, they do not contain as many Omega 3 fats as fish. Many cheaper dog foods will contain more grain than meat to cut costs, which hinders a dog’s intake of Omega 3 fats as well.

While salmon dog food is more expensive than other alternatives, it proves very beneficial for dogs. If you don’t have the means to switch to a solid salmon diet for your dog, you can buy canned salmon and sprinkle some salmon every once in a while into his or her food.

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