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Buckle ring

What is it with women and jewelry?” my husband asked me after I had been browsing through the catalogs of some jewelry sites for approximately three hours! That was when a stunning buckle ring caught my eye. For those of you who love trivia, according to the , a buckle ring is said to “denote strength, loyalty and protection”. For ladies who prefer to let their aesthetic sense rule when choosing jewelry, here are a few buckle rings that I hope will captivate you! The list has been garnered after several hours of research!

  • Diamond accent 10k gold buckle ring: This simple gold ring has lacy filigree adorning the ring while the buckle has four pave diamond accents. It is perfect for adding an elegant touch to your everyday clothes.
  • Diamond buckle ring in yellow gold: Looking for more bling; then this 14kt yellow gold buckle ring is just what you asked for. It has 111 diamonds weighing 0.30ct t.w.
  • Diamond buckle ring in yellow gold and black agate: This striking ring has a body made of black agate. The buckle comprises of 13 diamonds embedded in 18kt yellow gold, and three diamonds are set in the agate ring to resemble the buckle holes. The diamonds weigh .15 ct. t.w.
  • Buckle ringSterling silver fashion ring: For those who prefer the understated sophistication of silver, this handcrafted fashion ring is chic and yet eye-catching.
  • Carlo Viani ruby and sapphire black sterling silver buckle ring: When you want to flaunt your pretty fingers, slip on this trendy black sterling silver ring with multicolored stones that weigh 1.09 ct.
  • Black and white enamel diamond sterling silver ring: If you are a minimalist and prefer non-fussy designs, this ring that resembles a black and white belt with a 0.1 ct diamond studded buckle will appeal to you.

When you are tired of wearing those typical floral, heart shaped or birthstone rings, and yet don’t feel like wearing edgy rings with snake or skull motifs, tread the middle path with trendy elegant buckle rings!

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