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Cat tree house

Any person not familiar with keeping cats as pets, will find the idea of spending money cat furniture might seem frivolous. However, cat parents whose pets stay indoors know better. If you have a frisky exuberant cat, you’ll know how difficult it is to keep it engaged and out of trouble! If you are looking for ideas for cat furniture that your pet will love, here goes!

  • Cat tree houseCat tree house: A comprehensive tree house complete with a condo, a scratching post and platform at different levels to enable it to climb, scratch or jump is sure to keep your pet occupied for hours on end. If you are willing to splurge, you could even get one with leaves that look real, to give your cat a feel of the outdoors.
  • Cat tunnel: Your ever inquisitive cats will love to explore and chase each other through crinkly tunnels like the crazy pants cat tunnel or the crinkle cat tunnel. Place a few toys and treats within to add to the excitement of the play session!
  • Cat window perch: A window with a view outside is usually irresistible to all felines. They absolutely love to observe the happenings of the world. A comfy window perch is also the perfect place for your pet to lounge in the sun and get a quick catnap.
  • Cat steps: If your cat loves to climb, utilize the empty space on your walls to affix cat steps. These are also great for making the window perch more accessible and alluring.
  • Cat scratcher: Even if you have a cat tree at home, scratchers that come in different shapes are always greeted with great enthusiasm by most cats. Get one in the shape of a tiger, a dolphin, an inclined scratcher with a hidden toy or curved one with different surfaces to enhance the scratching experience!

With furniture such as the above at its disposal, any feline would be glad that it is an indoor cat. They provide loads of opportunities to have fun, exercise and leisure without exposing the cat to the dangers of the outdoors.

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