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Duff shoes

Skateboarding is an activity where one needs to focus on balance and posture. But we often forget that skate shoes play a vital role in doing so. Imagine doing that flip with a pair of uncomfortable shoes.

Plus, you really need shoes that go with the cool skateboarding image. Peppy colors and designs without compromising on quality and make is the niche of any good skate board shoe. It should be remembered that you cannot just wear any shoe as skate shoes. They are especially created and manufactured for skateboarding.

It is true that a lot of non-skaters like wearing skate shoes as a fashion statement; it is not advised that skate boarders wear non-skate shoes. The basic design of the skate shoe incorporates distinct features designed that are vital skateboarding.

Some of these are-

  • Flat sole made (usually made of rubber or polyurethane)
  • Suede or composition leather
  • Double or triple stitching

Now the market is flooded with great skate board shoe brands. Some economical and durable ones include-

Duff shoes1. Duff shoes

This brand manufactures quality clothing and shoes for skateboarders. You can pick from unique styles and designs that add to your cool image.

2. Osiris skate shoes

If you love skateboarding, then Osiris is a one-stop apparel and shoe destination for you. It has funky ranges of shoes for both men and women.

3. Habitat skate shoes

This brand makes everything from skateboards to skate shoes and apparel. Their designs are simple and yet fashionable. The tough nubuck and canvas uppers ensure durability with comfort too.

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