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Today we profile Jamillah and her wonderful Made to Travel blog. Jamillah is an outspoken and passionate blogger with an eye for fashion and a quirky style all her own. In a way her blog is about anything and everything but in the end it’s all about connecting: the kind of expression and sharing that brings bloggers and all people together.

Why did you start blogging about fashion?
I’ve really always loved fashion. I believe it’s an art form everyone takes part in! You choose things you put on your body and those are YOUR choices… your little work of art every single day.

I started blogging on fashion because I felt a shift in my buying habits, I wanted to become a more ethical and a more conscious shopper while maintaining my modern, urban style. During this shift I was discovering such wonderful brands I just felt I had to share.

What’s your favorite thing about blogging?
I love feeling the impact I’ve had on readers. Comments that tell me they visited a thrift store for the first time because of me, readers letting me know I made them smile because of a “Smile File” and tweets that say I introduced them to fair trade clothing they would completely buy-those are the best things!

Do you have a favorite outfit or style? Why is it your favorite?
My favorite style is effortless with a dash of sexy. I really gravitate to this look because I hate feeling uncomfortable in my clothing. I want to always feel like I’m wearing my clothes and not that they’re wearing me. Easy fitting clothing that feels effortless and is body forgiving is what makes me feel sexy.

What’s your next project going to be?
I’ve always wanted to have a little shop to call my own and through blogging I’ve been able to meet ethical brands that I would LOVE to eventually have in my dream shop. It’s probably not my “next” project, but it’s a project I’m constantly working on and working towards.

What’s the best advice ever given to you (with regard to fashion, blogging, or anything else)?
Do not keep up with the Joneses. The most important and appealing thing about fashion, blogging, and life is individuality. Please be your most and best self in life and in the blogsphere.

Any recommendations for people who want to start their own blog or get into fashion?
On blogging I recommend having an open mind and ear. I am constantly learning and trying new social media tools and platforms, doing research for my posts, and getting feedback from readers and bloggers. These are all really great tools for blogging and it takes an open mind to do these things thoughtfully. Also, have integrity in your content. LOVE every post you write!

Who is your style icon?
Woah! Hard question! I admire so many! I think, while this might be cliché, I have to say Audrey Hepburn. I’ve loved her since I was 10 and while our styles are worlds apart I think she’s flawless and timeless.

Do you have any must-have accessories for this fall?

Anything with edge! Something with studs, a little leather (faux or thrifted, winky), strong shapes-just a bit of edge in accessories adds spice to a whole outfit. Also must, must, must, haves for me in the fall are a ton of scarves to choose from.

What are/were your favorite and least favorite fashion trends?
I love the colors we saw in spring and summer, the unexpected take on stripes by adding bold colors (ahem, Prada)  were one of my fave trends on the s/s 11 runways.

My least favorite trend is super low-rise pants and I mean show your underwear-rise. Why these exist I don’t know.

Any last thoughts?
I am incredibly grateful I live in this exact time. The internet is a huge global community we can all partake in and experience. The web really has endless opportunities to express yourself and share information. Literally the world is at your fingertips and that makes me really happy.

5 Responses to “A blog interview: Made To Travel”

  1. Rocquelle Says:

    I heart Jamillah so!! This was lovely!!

  2. Aquí Says:

    I love Jamillah! The girl has such a big heart! Fantastic interview!

  3. Casee Marie Says:

    Just adore Jamillah, she’s such a sweetheart and a truly prominent voice in the worlds of blogging and ethical fashion. She’s done some amazing things so far and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for her! Wonderful interview!

  4. Bella Q Says:

    Great feature on a fabulous blogger! Jamillah creates a wonderful place to visit on her page, and her fashion and style ethos are so inspiring!

  5. Anne Says:

    I Love Jamillah. Congratulations my Friend!!

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