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fruit by markshoots via creativecommonsOne of my favorite things to do on the weekend is go to the farmers market and pick up organic fruits and vegetables. I love being healthy and supporting local farmers. However, the last few months I’ve been so busy I rarely have time to make it to the markets. To compensate, I will run to the grocery store and grab whatever fruits looked the best. Then, I found out about an organic monthly fruit club!

I learned that there are many monthly fruit clubs to choose from. Essentially you pay in advance for a specific number of months and then you receive fruit monthly in the mail. All clubs are a little different. Some fruit clubs are catered specifically to you and allow you to customize which fruits you receive monthly. Others will only send fruit that is in season because that’s the best quality.

Personally, I kind of like the surprise of it all. Because I love all fruits, I enjoy opening up the package to find out what combination I’ll be eating that month. One of my personal favorites is Harvest Club Organic Monthly Fruit Club. You can choose the fruits you want and the day you want to receive them. Harry & David have a very successful monthly fruit club that specializes in only the best quality fruit. You can also opt for nuts, popcorn and other treats.

I love this because now I don’t have to stress about getting to the market and I automatically have fresh, organic fruit every single month! Also, monthly fruit club memberships make an excellent present for family and friends. I already know what my friends will be getting for Christmas this year. If you’re unsure if it’s the right thing for you, start out with a few months. I’m convinced you won’t be disappointed!



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