How to deal with deep couches


deep couches

Having a good décor is a good way of expressing your style statement. Your furniture and furnishing play the most important role in your decoration. But do you think having good looking pieces are enough? No, surely not. It is the ‘comfort’ that holds the key here. After a hard day, when you end up sitting on a not so comfortable bed or couch you regret your purchase.

Sometimes it so happens that a piece of furniture may be comfortable for some, but not for others. For example, deep couches with a lot of seating room may be super comfy for tall people who simply want to use it to recline in and watch television for hours. However, this might not hold true for short people.

If you have already have a deep couch, here are a few things you can do to make it work for you and everyone else.

 Add extra pillows: The best way to fill up that extra space is with appropriate throw pillows. There are throw pillows in various shapes that look elegant and lend a more modern look to your room. You can acquire rectangles, triangles, squares, cylinders or disk shapes to suit your needs. Have them decorated in satin bindings, tassels or fringe for that gorgeous welcoming appearance. Also consider modern color themes like spring green and aqua, deep purple, burgundy and orange or hot pink for that luscious look. Now sit on your couch and enjoy!

Sit sideways: When you are sitting on your couch, sit on the end and turn-in. This way you can use the arm rest to lean back against and can sit comfortably with your feet on the ground.

Curl up: If you are out to your friend’s house and have to sit on their deep couch, the best would be to throw off your shoes and simply curl up on the couch! Your good friends shouldn’t mind that.

Well, everything in life has its own pros and cons. Nonetheless, if you have a tip or two to deal with a deep couch, do let me know too!



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