How to stay in fashion, while staying outdoors


North Face taupe green

So you’re going camping, or rock-climbing, you’re going to need to get some outdoorsy clothes. Something more rugged than your average urban wear, but still stylish. That can be tough to find, since a lot of camping gear is rather ugly. So what should you look for when you’re looking to look good while you’re outdoors and roughin’ it. Try out these tips.

Camo gear

North Face taupe greenYou’re outdoors, so you might as well wear some interesting clothing made for outdoorsy wear. This means camouflage gear. Try out some forest camouflage when you’re camping. No one will sneak up on you if you’re wearing a North Face taupe green camo sweater, with some forest green camo pants. Be sure to adapt your camo to your environment. Desert camo for sandy environments, and digital camo for urban, city areas.

Orange quilted jackets

On the other hand, if it’s hunting season, and there are hunters in the area, wearing bright orange might be a better idea. You don’t want someone pulling a Cheney on you. Quilted jackets are big right now, so wear a bright orange one. Maybe you want to have a bright orange pseudo-camo pattern into it to combine the best of both worlds.

Animal print

You need to be one with the wilderness and there’s no better way to do that than with animal print. You’re one with the animals, by wearing their skins. Or something like that. You can have the speed of a leopard, or the height of a giraffe, or something. Anyhow, animal print can be another interesting option when you’re camping.

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