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iPhone Wallet

The Apple iPhone is probably one of the most popular devices around. From the time it released back in 2007 it has always been in the limelight. With its increasing popularity a lot of accessories have been created and introduced into the market. Among the accessories, cases were something that almost everyone wanted due to the fragile nature of the phone. There are more than a million different iPhone cases available nowadays but if you want something that will protect your iPhone while doing a little more, here’s an item you should into.

Among these kinds of cases the iPhone Wallet case happens to be the best one you will find. The iPhone wallet case is basically what it sounds like – an iPhone case that doubles as a wallet. Among the iPhone wallet cases the ones from iFlip are a great choice. Their cases are made from genuine leather and will let you hold everything from your iPhone to your credit cards. If you look at this case with your iPhone in it, from the front it would look like an ordinary case. But the moment you turn it around you will find a magnetic flip under which you have a wallet that can hold pretty much anything a standard wallet can.

Now I bet most of you are wondering how thick this will be considering it is holding a phone as well as a wallet. Well it’s not really thick. At about 2.4 inches it seems pretty reasonable considering you have a spacious wallet along with the case. The iFlip iPhone wallet case is available for all the models of the iPhones.


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