Sturdy and engaging cat toy


Kitty tunnel tower

Cats are frisky, intelligent little creatures that have a will of their own. There’s nothing more entertaining than watching them play. While each cat has a personality and preference that is unique, all felines have certain innate needs, such as scratching, observing their surroundings and climbing.

Most outdoor cats get the opportunity to fulfill these needs when they are outside. However, when it comes to indoor cats, their owners have to ensure that they provide appropriate cat toys to fulfill their natural instincts; if not, their pets may develop a destructive streak.

Kitty tunnel towerThe Kitty tunnel tower is one cat furniture that encourages indoor cats to fulfill their urge to scratch and climb. This freestanding tower, with a sturdy base, has a tunnel, a perch and scratching post. It is made with superior quality non-stain catnip treated carpet.  The tunnel could be used by your pet to hide, play or sleep. It is also a place to retreat into when it wants a bit of quiet time.

The perch can be used for climbing up and down. Set it near a window and it’ll become your pet’s favorite hangout as cats love to watch what’s happening outside the window. The post allows your cat to scratch as much as it wishes, so it won’t have the urge to scratch at your furniture again!

The Kitty tunnel tower has proved to be very popular with cats and cat-owners alike. Your cat gets to play, sleep, hide and climb, which means it can exercise, relax and keep itself engaged. And you have the satisfaction of knowing that you have provided your pet with an avenue to let a cat be a cat.

2 Responses to “Sturdy and engaging cat toy”

  1. Jose Says:

    Hey wow!!! That’s nice… I think I should buy one for my little sweet cat

  2. Ranganath Says:

    There really aren’t any, but a few bdrees that are almost hairless spread less of the allergenic protein. The allergen is a protein in cat SALIVA, which gets into the air thru evaporation when they wash themselves (hence, less hair = less cleaning = less allergens evaporate into the air).Sphinx, the Rex bdrees (Cornish and Devon), and I think Egyptian Mau are in that list.Also the little cat with the teeny legs that was crossed with a bunny or something, only has 1 coat of hair instead of the normal 2, it’s said they have less allergenic proteins. I forget what it’s called tho (I saw it on Cats 101).For any of them, since they are considered exotics , you’d have to find a reputable breeder and pay whatever the fee is. Some purebreds are up to $ 1000.

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