3 ways to get your car ready for the summer


Konig lace wheel

Giving top priority to your car and keeping it in peak condition during the hot summer months makes sense. You can help prevent many uncomfortable and inconvenient situations, especially if you’re in the habit of taking your children around in your car for various activities. Keep some of these valuable pointers in mind to help you maintain your car:

  • Make sure you check tire pressure to see they’re always well inflated. This helps in proper contact of the tire on the road and maintains right pressure in increasingly hot weather and prevents a blow-out on the highway. A Konig lace wheel rim is a valuable accessory and is known to have superior technology and elite craftsmanship.Konig lace wheel
  • Even if you find it tiresome, remove snow tires as they may wear out faster on dry pavements. Or have two sets, one set with snow tires and one all-season tires.
  • Wipers are all-important in the event of a summer storm. Replace old and worn-out blades and keep your wiper fluid filled.
  • If your car battery is old, get it tested at a certified auto repair shop. Keep the posts and connections free of corrosion.
  • Regularly change the engine oil and check the viscosity grade. Viscosity of oil changes according to temperature. Warmer the oil, thinner it is and thin oil doesn’t lubricate well.
  • Summer’s the best time to check on belts and hoses. Don’t wait for them to fail before checking on them.
  • An emergency kit in the car is all-important, especially before commencing on a long trip. Make sure it’s complete with flashlight, flares, extra washer fluid, wrenches, a ratchet and other personal items like a spare change of clothes, gloves, paper towels and other essentials.

Hot weather can play havoc on your car if you don’t take adequate precautions and care. You don’t want to be stuck in some remote corner in sweltering conditions because of poor maintenance.

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