Our media players have come a long way

Lyra mp3 player

Media players over the past few years have improved exponentially. The number of features and capabilities that they have these days are nothing short of spectacular. A few years ago a portable media player could at most store contacts but these days you have media players that actually let’s you check your e-mail!

A past popular portable media was the RCA Lyra mp3 player. Back in the days the Lyra media player was up there with the best. But over time development, growth and advancement in technology didn’t really take place. During this period media players such as the iPod touch and the Microsoft Zune grew in both popularity and features. Presently they are the two best mp3 players you can get your hands on.

Now one of the reasons for their success would have to be their development of their user interface. Both these media players have exceptional user interfaces and their OS is user friendly and fun to operate. The iPod touch runs on the iOS interface and includes a lot of features. The number of applications which are available for the iPod via the app store recently crossed the 500 million mark and is still increasing at a rapid rate. You surely won’t get bored of your mp3 player or run out of apps to buy! Now in addition to the operating system the iPod touch became successful due to its build and quality. It’s no secret that Apple products have amazing quality. They ensure that their devices have the best finish and are made of premium materials. The same applies to the iPod touch as well. If you order it online you can have your name inscribed on its aluminum back!

So as you can see media players have advanced a lot over the past few years.

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