Brighten up your home office with natural lighting


natural light desk lamp

There’s something about natural lighting that makes you feel happier. I remember the gorgeous view of the sunlight sparkling on the Hudson from my Manhattan office. Recently, I started working from home and miss that view terribly.

So, to spruce up the ambiance a bit, I redecorated my office. I tried to incorporate as much natural light as possible. Over the years, studies have proven that employees have higher productivity rates at workplaces that use natural lighting. Same goes for schools …

Believe me, it’s no herculean task to make these changes. After all, think of the long term benefits. Not only will you be serving a green cause, you will also reduce electric lighting costs by at least 30% – that makes you eligible for tax credits.

natural light desk lamp

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you will have a home office with no lights at all (unless you don’t plan to work after dusk). I got a natural light desk lamp, which consumes less electricity and doesn’t occupy too much space. You can also adjust the focus of the light and increase or decrease its intensity, as per your requirements.

Here are a few tips for giving your home office more green space, without spending too much:

  • Enlarge the size of the window. If your room has two, then you can leave it open for cross ventilation also.
  • Install blinds. There may be times when you want some privacy.
  • Give the window a creative architectural element. Incorporate Feng Shui or positive energy elements in your décor.

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