Hit it out of the park with Nike bats



Nike batsIf you know your equipment is the best there is, you’ll be more confident and play more consistently. Nike bats are powerful, responsive, and employ strict quality control. Here’s a look at some Nike softball bats that will guarantee a superior game.

  • Nike’s range of adult sized baseball bats like the Nike Aero use carbon handles that have great feedback and speed. The powerful long-barrel Zr91 aluminum alloy allows for explosive contact. The composite handle maintains bat stiffness while reducing vibrations so it feels good to handle the bat. Nike bats
  • Senior league baseball bats like the Nike Aero has 42 layers of “Cross React” composite that forms a multiwalled barrel that enhances stiffness and increases power while reducing vibration. The Power Belt maximizes the sweet spot and allows you to deliver big hits consistently.
  • Youth baseball bats like the Nike Aero Fuse are all approved for play in Little League and Dixie Youth Baseball. These bats with 2 piece multiwall cross-react carbon composite have Power Belt technology that helps increase optimum hitting area. The unique Aero-Cap is more aerodynamic than other bats to give you superior speed and power.

Hit it out of the park with Nike bats. They are highly durable and provide increased speed and power as well as great feel to give you a more consistent game.

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