Neutral doesn’t mean boring


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A bedroom should exude a peaceful and relaxing look. To achieve this, your bedroom should portray a soothing color scheme. A neutral color-scheme with soft colors is not only beautiful but also imparts a calming affect to the room. If you think a neutral scheme will make your room look dull or boring, it is not the case. As I said, it is in fact one of the finest color themes to make a wonderful bedroom. You can pep up your bedroom with the little things that are listed below and you will discover a room that has got a character and is by far, a welcoming retreat!

* Add prints to liven the bedroom. You can spread an ornate printed rug below to give texture to your room as it contrasts with the smooth feel and light-tone of the bedding and walls. Introduce a bamboo bed to create a dramatic effect.

* Bedrooms in tones of gray and brown lend a clean look. Add simple wall hangings to the sleek décor. Hardwood floors can be an excellent choice, as the color gels well with the neutrality of the rest of the room. This sleek neutrality is sure to give a clean look to your bedroom. If you want a bold design statement, add a contrasting furniture piece like an upholstered bench.

* Add patterns to your decor for a great touch to the room. You can use geometrical patterns for a gorgeous look. For example, a rectangular bed with square wall hangings on a rectangular brick wall and similar shaped windows will all work together for a smart appearance. Matching these fun designs and patterns will bring life to your bedroom

*A taupe comforter set along with throw pillows on the bed will blend beautifully with your neutral theme. You can add texture to create interest by using materials like – Dupioni silk, crisp cotton or soft velvet to add class that is gentle to touch and comfy to relax in! Neutral colors, such as sage green and gray hues will make a perfect backdrop.

The bedroom is indeed the most important room of every household and perhaps neutral tones are the perfect way to start their decor. Make your bedroom a haven with a unique blend of patterns and designs to achieve the look you have always dreamt of. All you need to do is to take the right moves to fill your bedroom with flair.


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