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You spend a third of your life in bed so why don’t you spend some money to get a good bed? Investing in luxurious bedding will make your life that much better, since good rest affects all aspects of your life. So what things do you need to make sure your sleep experience is as luxurious as can be? Here are some top ideas to make your bed the bed you deserve.

Pick high thread-count sheets

This is probably the first thing you should look into. Having sheets with high thread-count will make sure that you feel good when you’re sleeping on them. Thread-count refers to how many weft and weaves there are per square inch of fabric. However, the higher you get, the more delicate the fabric becomes, so make sure to find a good medium. In addition, you want cotton sheets, not silk. A linen or wool blend is good for the summer or winter, respectively.

Find patterns you like

candice olson beddingAlthough thread-count is important, another important thing to consider is color and patterns. Looking at colors and styles you don’t like won’t make you happy. Although you don’t have to really look at your bed that often, making sure that you like the design makes sure that when you do, you’ll feel good about it. Look at a variety of different bedding patterns, like ones from Candice Olson bedding. Eventually you’ll find some that you like.

Accessorize to relax

An easy way to help improve your sleeping experience is with accessories. This is things like white noise generators, and soft light. Other things you may want to invest in are scented or unscented candles, or mood lighting. This will help you relax in bed, and create an atmosphere which helps you sleep. In addition, vary the sizes of the pillows you have. While one may be for your head, you may also be interested in a body pillow to hug.

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