Top accessories to go paintballing with


half finger gloves

Paintballing has always been an activity that requires a lot of clothing. Not only is there the necessary clothing to pad the paintballs, you’re going to need to wash the clothes once they get dirty with paint, unless you have specific beater clothes just for paintballing. If you’re planning on going paintballing in the near future, try out these duds to help maintain your style and your skin.


half finger glovesGloves are a great choice for paintballing, as they can help prevent blisters as well as provide some protection to the all-important shooting hand while running and gunning. While full gloves may provide excellent protection, half finger gloves give you crucial dexterity, while still giving you enough protection to your hands to keep them from most harm.

Face mask

This is practically necessary. A face mask will protect well, your face from flying paintballs. Getting hit in the face is dangerous, so be sure to try to get some sort of facial protection. Make sure this includes eye gear and lets you breath properly. You get some bonus points if you place some neat design on your mask to strike fear in the heart of your opponents.


This might seem like an odd one, but hear me out. The neck is one of the tougher areas to protect, yet is one of the most sensitive areas. Having some neck protection seems like a given, but finding any is harder than you’d think. A turtleneck provides a bit of much-needed protection while looking good!

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