Top bedding patterns for the summer


paisley bedding collection

Bedding has always probably been something more functional than anything else, but just because it is made for a functional purpose, doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun with it. Everyone has plain white and perhaps a few colors, but there are a ton of avenues and ideas you can branch out on. Here are a few of my personal favorites.


This is one of the ones I use the most. Gingham is both classic and a bit playful. I find it mostly a summer pattern, but its good year-round for a fun and bright pattern to get bedding in. There are several different sizes  of pattern scale, but I personally prefer a medium-sized pattern, or a micro-check. Common colors include bright blue, yellow, pink, and red. However, it is pretty simple to find ones in every color.

paisley bedding collectionPaisley

This is definitely an under-appreciated pattern. Paisley was big in the 80s, but has largely fallen out of favor. However, it is still a classic pattern and having a paisley bedding collection in a muted paisley pattern can provide an interesting visual flair to your bedding. I’m personally a fan of larger paisley patterns, in a single color with varying hues and tones.

Polka dots

I prefer any sort of pindots or polka dots to act as an accent to a solid pattern. The idea is it adds a bit of visual interest onto the whole ensemble, letting it stand out a bit. My favorite is a Churchill dot, as it is large enough to catch the eye, without being large enough to become gaudy. Try different sizes and find one you like the most!

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