12 essential tools every homeowner needs


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As a homeowner, you never know when you’ll need to repair a broken faucet, a piece of chipped wood or if you’ll need a cordless drill and skil bit set to build a privacy screen in your backyard to hide from your nosy neighbors. Hence, it’s always handy to keep a set of tools in your house at all times no matter how experienced or inexperienced you are with them. Here’s a handy rundown of twelve essential tools that every homeowner needs.

  1. Cordless drill: Useful for screwing any screws into place, a 12-volt model should handle most everyday tasks. Pair it with a skil drill bit set skil-drill-bitto get the most out of your investment.
  2. 16-ounce hammer: Essential for hitting nails into place, 16-ounce hammers are typically great for big and small jobs.
  3. Angle square: Used to measure angles or as a ruler, they’re also useful for layouts and cut-line markings.
  4. Multihead screwdriver: For most jobs, a Phillips screwdriver is highly recommended.
  5. Pry bar: Useful for dismantling everyday objects, pulling nails and moldings, every household needs one of these.
  6. Utility knife: If you’re looking to cut vinyl floor-ing, carpet or even boxes, utility knives are a great choice.
  7. 25-foot tape measure: 25-feet is definitely an easy choice as it’s both compact enough for small-scale work, but can be stretched out for bigger needs.
  8. Adjustable wrench: 10- or 12- inch models are often the perfect size for fixing any leaky faucets.
  9. Chalk line: Important tools for drawing guidelines or laying out floor tiles, chalk lines are a must-have.
  10. Non-contact voltage tester: When handling electrical wires or objects, always make sure to use one of these.
  11. Circular saw: Whether you need to cut metal, wood or concrete, look for a saw with 12 amps minimum.
  12. 24-inch level: Working with constrained heights can often be a pain when trying to balance or make an object even, so make sure that you have one of these for small and large work.

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