5 easy ways to keep your kid’s room updated


Butterfly quilt via Andrea_44 on Creative Commons

Have you ever just stopped and said to yourself “What is up with this room?” I find that happens when my room decor and style has been there so long that it is no longer an inspiration for me. It can also happen to a kid’s room too. If this is you and/or your kid, here are five easy ways you can update your kid’s dull-looking room.

Go Vintage
Instead of stocking your kid’s room with mass-produced, easy-to-assemble furniture, look for vintage bedroom pieces. If you spend the time to do this now, you are sure to have furniture that will transition with your little girl going tween; and you can keep that girls bedding butterfly quilt as a wall decoration.

Create Art
By creating high impact artwork, you create a beautiful bedroom and can easily update a bedroom. To make the art special, involve your child throughout the process: from colors to design.

Use/Create Space
If your child’s bedroom doesn’t have space for play, then create one now. You’ll thank yourself when a rainy day comes. If not a play space, then try creating a workspace for your child in their room. It will be helpful for homework and helpful if your child loves quiet activities that involve concentration.

Be Whimsy
Wall decals are the latest cheap way to update walls in glorious detail. From trees to flowers to video games, there is sure to be a wall decal you and your child can agree on. The best thing is that wall decals are easy to remove once everyone is over them.

Focus on Their Passion
Allow your child’s passion to direct how you update your child’s room. Find accessories that can be used in your child’s decor that relates to their passion.

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