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Continuing our recent trend of international blogger profiles, today we present an interview with a talented ceramic artist hailing from Barcelona, Spain – Yasha Butler. On her blog, Yasha Butler Ceramics, Yasha offers a glimpse into her creative process, and the pieces she comes out with are truly unique – each asymmetric and different from the rest, and each possessing a delicate beauty.


Why did you start making ceramics?

I was trained as a designer. After spending many hours in front of a computer doing AutoCAD drawings, I realized that I wanted to do more tactile, hands-on work. For a while I thought of different avenues to pursue and then I discovered ceramics!


What’s your favorite thing about working with ceramics?

I love the simplicity of clay. When I create my ceramics all that I need are a few very basic tools and my hands.


Do you have a favorite piece that you’ve done? Why is it your favorite?

Many times I fall in love with pieces long after they come out of the kiln. When I produce pieces I spend a lot of time with them. Sometimes I get so used to the curves and angles of a piece that I stop seeing them. Spending some time apart from a pot helps me see the piece for what it really is. My new favorite piece is a porcelain bowl I had made about a year ago while I was living in New York. I love the organic curves and asymmetric balance that it captures.


What’s your next project going to be?

I am working on a new porcelain jewelry series that I plan to launch in late fall.


What’s the best advice ever given to you (with regard to ceramics, blogging, or anything else)?

Trust your own instinct, find your own niche and don’t make work that tries to please everybody.


Any recommendations for people who want to start their own blog or get into ceramics?

There are so many people out there both creating ceramics and writing blogs. Don’t copy other people , find your own voice! If you stay true to yourself there will always be people who show interest in your work and read your blog.


Do you have an icon in your field, someone you look up to?

There are many artists whose work I adore. I actually have a list on my blog with links to their own sites. A few names from my list are Nathalie Lahdenmaki, Jae Won Lee and Tinne Debrujine.


How did you get into blogging?

I got into blogging because I wanted to give people a view into my studio and my creative process.


What do you love most about blogging?

What I love most is getting comments and seeing that people are actually reading my blog. It makes my day!


Do you have any must-have items or accessories for this fall?

I’m really excited about my new jewelry that will debut in late fall. The line will combine porcelain, gold and silk. I hope the simple and elegant necklaces will become everyones favorite!


What equipment do you use?

I mostly just use my bare hands. My other favorite tools are a rasp, metal and plastic ribs and an Xacto knife.


How often do you work?

Since our move to Barcelona my schedule has been very erratic, but I try to work everyday during the week and relax on the weekends.


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