How to stay cool and fresh during summer heat


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There’s nothing like enjoying the relaxing summer breeze at the beach or in your garden. But this comes with its share of problems if you’re not careful. With soaring temperatures, heat exhaustion and heat stroke is a  possibility. These following tips can help you stay cool and fresh and beat that hot, summer heat:

  • Pay attention to your clothes. Light colored, loose cotton clothes deflect heat away from your body.
  • Stay hydrated by drinking a lot of water and juices. Avoid aerated drinks and caffeinated drinks as they tend to add empty calories and also dehydrate the body. Drinking fresh fruit juices, eating a lot of fruits and salads and avoiding heavy, greasy meals can go a long way in keeping your body temperature cool.
  • Exercise lightly and preferably during the cooler part of the day, like early in the morning or late evenings. Exercising releases toxins from your body to leave you feeling fresh and cool.
  • Keep a spray bottle with water in the fridge and use it on your face after exercising or after being outdoors. Frequent showers can help you stay cool.Axe deodorant
  • Use deodorant body sprays like Axe deodorant to keep you feeling fresh and fragrant. The fragrance is long-lasting and very effective in keeping away bad odors.
  • Try to start work earlier in the day so you finish earlier or try to go in for a long siesta during hot afternoons. Conserving your energy and keeping cool will be more productive and get you better results than battling it out during the hottest part of the day.

Having access to an air-conditioned interior 24/7 is a definite luxury and of course fans can help. Try staying indoors as far as possible and drink loads of water to help you stay hydrated and cool so you can enjoy the summer.

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