Best of the Web: Be @ Home# 34


In this week’s Best of the Web: Be @ Home we feature 30 bloggers! We had a great time going through their blogs. We are sure in this treasure chest of talent you are sure to find something that appeals to you. So, without much a do we will let you enjoy this week’s Best of the Web’s featured bloggers.

Good Stuff NW blog

Kathleen’s blog  Good Stuff NW is primarily a blog about why she loves living in the Northwest.  The blog name Good Stuff NW seems like a good descriptor. She shares her passion for the region and its food. This blog provides an informative insight to people interested in knowing where their food came from and the places they could find the best of the region’s bounty. She feels privileged to tell the stories of the amazing people working to change the broken food system in this country.

Vermont woods studios blog

Peggy had this to say about her blog: ” Vermont Woods Studios ( is an upscale, online furniture store, showcasing Vermont’s finest handcrafted wood furniture and the artisans who create it.  Leaders in the Made in America movement, the people at Vermont Woods Studios help customers bring the beauty of the forest into their living rooms– sustainably.”

Sartorial sidelines blogOn Sartorial Sidelines, “I share my musings on the personal and professional style of a grad student, product reviews, and fashion/style tips. I am a vegan and try my best to be an ethical consumer so products featured here will be cruelty free.”  HLSC Store

Leigh stated this for her blog HLSC store : ” The world of paper crafters out in Internet Land is a wonderful place. I have not met one person through my paper crafting efforts and digital designs that I could not say how wonderful they are. Everyone, and I mean everyone, I have met through the my blog and shop is 100% amazing.”  Leigh releases new images several times each week so be sure to come back often to see the new images. And if you would like a special digi designed contact her directly.
The copycat cook

My blog The Copycat Cook, says Sondi,” is about vegetarian, gluten-free and dairy-free cooking experiments. I’m a freelance writer who recently returned to school to study holistic nutrition as well.” Join her on her journey as she explores gluten-free, dairy-free and (mostly) sugar-free cooking.

3 Umbrellas blogUpon describing blog, Donna stated the following:Three umbrellas lets me share my love of paper crafts—primarily rubber stamping and more recently, digital stamping. I design original cards for several stamp companies, helping to promote their products with techniques and ideas for creative card-making. I like to share the entire card-making process to show that creating a handmade card is both fun and rewarding.” Get your card making steps creative and right with this blog

Newly Crunchy Mama of 3 blog

For Newly Crunchy Mama of 3, Brandy describes her blog as follows:  “I am the happily married proud mama of an infant, a toddler, and a preteen. I enjoy all things baby, especially fluff! I am also interested in cooking, beauty, fashion, and other family friendly products. I am PR friendly, and I would love to give candid, in depth and honest reviews of any products and services that may be of interest to my readers. I also am very active on social networking sites and utilize such outlets in my reviews and giveaways.”

Tasha Tudor and Family blogWith the blog Tasha Tudor and Family (, Tasha Tudor’s family continues the traditions of her lifestyle and artwork. This blog sells Tasha’s books, art prints, cards, and lifestyle items from the family, such as candles, seeds, tea, potpourri, hand-sewn aprons, antique reproduction furniture, and more. Tasha Tudor (1915-2008) was a writer and illustrator of children’s stories that reflected the dreams of idyllic times in the American rural past. Her particular combination of actual experience and nostalgic longing has, for more than half a century, provided delight, inspiration, and solace to millions of people the world over.

Marlena's Paper Paradise blog

“Marlena’s Paper Paradise  blog is a way of sharing my projects/creations with the world”, says Marlena. This is what she had to share with us about her blog, ” I love to color, especially with my copic markers, and create anything possible with my paper and embellishments.  My blog has allowed me to share these projects with others and meet so many amazing and wonderful people who share my interest.  It is truly an expression of the creative side of myself.”

Run wirh Glitter blog

Here is a snippet of Kelly’s blog: Running With Glitter ( is a fun colorful DIY blog. Here you will find crafty tutorials, family centered activities,  and a dose of healthy living each week. Enjoy her thoughts on family life, inspiration, weight loss, fashion trends, tutorials and projects in this blog.

Wiggy's World blog

Donelda ‘s blog Wiggy’s Word is a way to share her passion with others who also enjoy card making. ” I tend to focus on creating masculine and clean and simple cards.  I am also very keen to ‘recycle’ and like to create cards using packaging, old cards, and other materials as often as I can,” she said. Share her interest and passion in card making on her blog.

My everyday things blog

Elly described her as: “My blog My Everyday Things ( is about our home and how I decorate it, I love white with touches of red, in a romantic country-style. My blog is also about my life, my random thoughts, the things that are on my mind. Nothing difficult, but just daily stuff. Further on I love to create and almost everyday I’m working in my little creative space, between the kitchen and the livingroom. That’s my little heaven on earth.”

Abstracts mixed with extracts blog

Abstracts Mixed With Extracts features a combination of art (scrapbooking, cardmaking, etc.) and baking/cooking along with the spice of everyday life. Amy shares her love of crafts and food by including tutorials, tips and commentary to encourage all to live a creative life. As your typical girl next door living a full, fun life in Southern California, Amy teaches junior high special education by day and creates by night.  Whether it’s roasting tomatoes, whipping up a simple first class dessert or freezing time by combining art+words+photos, each week features new adventures on this blog.

Globetrotterdiary blogGlobe Trotter Diaries ( explores the culinary cultures around the world by researching and cooking local dishes.  Based in Los Angeles, Valery and Karen are constantly inspired by the diversity of this city and of course, the food.  The purpose of this blog is to celebrate and share all the incredible food traditions of places around the world.

Sketched Out BlogThis is how Linda described her blog for us: “Sketched Out is a place where I do a little sketching and partake of a bit of musing. Some of my favorite things to sketch are goofy animals, often depicting some play on words or an idiom of some sort. This blog is a place where I play, experiment and work up as much inspiration as I can muster.”

The antique pallet

Chris started the blog the Antique Pallet as a way for her customers to get to know her and what she does. “It has turned into a great way to get to know lots of people, express myself, get ideas of what people are looking for and have some fun. I have made some great friends through my blog and love getting to know my customers. I would love for the people who visit my blog to be inspired by my creations.  I try to make something out of things that are no longer used or would be thrown away.  I always try to give suggestions on what you can use things for.  Its my little way of recycling!  I am also happy to share my ideas with others.  If I can help someone learn to paint or make jewelry or even encourage them to try something new then its a good day.”

Alice's little wonderlandAlice loves stamping and coloring with copic markers and giving/sending greetings and gratitude in a tangible way to friends and families. Connecting and giving joy to others is her biggest motivation for card making. Connect with her in the blog Alice’s {Little} Wonderland.

Petticoatsand pinup blog

Linday’s shared this when asked about what inspired her to start the blog Vintage Rose: “I’ve always loved writing, and kept diaries ever since I was a little child. After reading other people’s blog about their passion for vintage, I decided to start my own and present it as some sort of diary about things that keep me busy, my vintage lifestyle and fashion, and with some information about the era along the way, too. It’s great to meet people from all over the world who share the same interests as me. My blog is a very good platform for these kind of things, and I simply love it. I also want to show that, even though these era’s are far back the past, they are by far not forgotten.”

Enjoying Healthy Foods blog

At Enjoying Healthy Foods, Lindsey had this to say regarding her blog:  “When I first started my blog, my goal was simple. I wanted to share with my family and friends just how easy it is to consume healthy nutritious foods. Since starting the blog, I have experimented with different types of eating and have expanding my knowledge in eating local or stress free food! We consume 95% local food and my recipes show you just how easy it is.” Please take a look and stay awhile at her blog.

Eyespot Design blog

Alison describes the blog by stating the following: “I started blogging as a way to connect with clients, and other artists (I work in acrylics, beaded jewellery, and textiles/fibre), and to promote my small business, Eyespot Designs.  It’s also a place to share some of my favourite work by others, and my inspirations.  The Eyespot blog is a way to keep in touch between upcoming shows and preview new work & projects I’m working on, but it’s also a work in progress itself, being added to and changing continually.”

milwaukee mommy blog

Michelle shared this about her blog Mommy Time: “I started making cards about 6 years ago when I was a stay at home mom of little ones & needed a creative outlet. I decided to jump on the blogging bandwagon in June 2008 so I showcase my work in one place.  There is nothing like creating something, posting about it on your blog then getting to chat about it with other creative minds around the globe.”

My Scrappin' Point of View

For My Scrappin’ Point of View, Mariska describes her blog as follows; “My blog is a place to share my creative projects like layouts, cards, altered items and just whatever I want to talk about. My crafting however started with cardmaking about 10 years ago. Photography was also a hobby of mine and by reading the first scrapbook article on the internet the puzzle was completed. Every time it’s a challenge to created layouts or cards with all kind of material. Flowers, buttons and lace are my favorite and in combination with beautiful papers I hope to inspire the visitors of my blog.”

The Autocrat blog

Upon describing the blog, Haley states the following to describe The Autocrat ( “Crafting and sewing has always been a huge part of my life; I owe all of my creative desires to my Mom.  Through crafting and sewing, my mind can escape and my creative juices can really start flowing with no restrictions.  I started blogging as a place to offer creativity to others.  If I can offer inspiration to just one person, then my blog has done it’s job.”

Reloved Rubbish blog

Amanda summarized her blog  Reloved Rubbish ( as: ” I am drawn to old, outdated furniture and home accessories that have been discarded by other people.  I have a strong desire to make these items beautiful, so they can be re-loved.  My blog, Reloved Rubbish, is a place I created to chronicle and share my projects. I love showing before and after pictures and sharing the easy ways to make old furniture and accessories better and more unique than new.”

The odd Girl Blog

Kristy’s inspiration behind starting  The Odd Girl blog:” Initially my blog was a place that I could just share my creativity now though its an outlet for everything going on. With a big transition in my life to Entrepreneur and Work at Home Mom my blog has made the transition too. My inspiration is still in sharing my creativity but now I’m mixing in my business, Some Odd Girl, design, art, crafting and trying to achieve the balance. I want to inspire people to get their hands dirty and create, craft, draw or follow their dreams.” She regularly shares crafting creations that use her own line of Clear Stamps. Ms Moffatt Blog

For  Ms. Moffatt, Judith had this to share with us: ” Color is key in my life, so I surround myself with bright, happy hues which inspire me. My blog shows a new style I’m developing using colored tissue papers. The bursts of color I can achieve by layering the tissue is exhilarating. Perhaps this technique will find its way into my children’s book illustrations that have been created in 3-Dimensional cut paper so far.” Look for a new original piece of art every week on her blog’s “Illustration Friday” link. Saucy Little dish blog

For Rachelle,“The Saucy Little Dish blog is visual confectionery devoted to cute girls and cooking. This is what she shared:” We’re a collaborative cooking blog that lets readers peep inside the kitchen of the girl next door – and experience what she’s cooking through step-by-step images.  The eight of us each have our own cooking styles, voices, tastes and personalities, but we all enjoy food as a way to express ourselves and share our creativity.”

My Paper Adventures blog

 My Paper Adventure ( blog is about card making, scrap-booking and paper crafts. Lorelie summarized it as: ” I design for companies like Our Daily Bread designs and Glue Dots and showcase their products on my blog.  My readers and blog hoppers would find many cards that incorporate stitching and 3-dimensional accents.  They will also find crafty/re-purposed ideas with the occasional step-by-step instructions.  I try to think outside-of-the-box with my creations, trying new ways to use old things.”  Lipstick and Laundry

Jen’s blog Lipstick and Laundry ( has simple crafts and yummy treats mixed with a peek at vintage thrifty finds and decor. When you visit her blog, you will find craft tutorials for everything from wood to wire; holiday decor, thrifting finds, sewing projects as well as recipes for yummy meals, side dishes, and sugary treats.

BreadMan Talking Blog

BreadMan Talking blog’s author David has always liked to cook and bake, and, maybe because of tensions at work, come to enjoy them not only for their own sake but also because cooking and baking are very calming after a long day working with layers in Photoshop. he is now moving to the next stage in his life of becoming a baker. We wish him the very best.

Whether it is crafts and home projects, baking recipes or handcrafted creations, Best of the Web: Be@ Home endeavors to highlight extraordinary talent in the blogging community every week. It focuses on the unique perspective each featured blog offers. While “BreadMan Talking” will inspire some readers to get a new bread slicer, the crafty blogs featured will inspire some much-needed “me time” with a new project.  Submit your much loved blog to be highlighted on the Best of the Web: Be@Home by mailing at 

8 Responses to “Best of the Web: Be @ Home# 34”

  1. Terri Fleming Says:

    Hi, Love your site. I’m a guest here for the first time today. I will be exploring and going to some of the blogs above.

    PLEASE NOTE: Wiggy’s World / The blogger there is a woman/mother named Donelda – not a “he”. Her blog IS fabulous!

  2. donna mikasa Says:

    So many wonderful blogs, full of inspiration! Thanks so much for featuring mine! I’ve spotted a few friends here, too!

  3. Brandy Nelson Says:

    Thanks so much for featuring me! I am new to the world of blogging, and it was nice to be recognized! I have made mention and linked to this feature on my site. This mention can be seen here:

  4. Sue Says:

    Wow, what an amazing and eclectic list of blogs! Thanks for putting it all at my fingertips!

  5. Tanya @ Bead and Needle Says:

    What a great listing of blogs – someone did a lot of homework. I have several of Chris’ (The Antique Pallet) artworks, and (she’s a she, by the way – I know she is probably humbled enough to be included on your listing that she would never tell you) her work is AMAZINGLY beautiful! Will be heading back now to check out the others on your list – if you found her, I am pretty sure the rest here are just as fabulous. Thanks for the list…

  6. Sue Kment Says:

    How fun…Mommy Time sent us over to check it all out!

  7. Alison Says:

    Thanks for featuring Eyespot!

  8. Jocelyn aka JoBear2 Says:

    What a fantastic assortment of blogs – it has been so fun checking them out. Michelle from Mommy Time sent me here – and so happy that you featured Michelle’s blog – Michelle makes AMAZING cards.

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