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It’s Wednesday, and you know what that means: we’re serving up a whole new set of blogs we spotted, delighted in and couldn’t help but share with you, Be @ Home readers. And this week we’ve selected diverse blogs across the board so that you don’t get bored (get it?!). Scrapbookers are well-represented, from scrappers with a romantic edge to those whose creations have a modern feel. Bakers, epicureans, and an oenophile also have a special spot in this week’s blog picks. On the design front, we feature bloggers who appreciate good composition and smart engineering.

Take a look at our blog picks in this Best of the Web: Be @ Home #35!


Clockwise from left: A Shabby Passion; Miranda’s Scrapsite; Crafting Confessions; Heirloom Scraps

A Shabby Passion by Cabbie

“Starting my blog was a way to share my passion for scrapbooking. It was… an outlet for letting other people see that deep inside each person’s ability, a creative spark lurks. We just have to confront and make use of that art instinct and by sharing it with others, we shower them with inspiration.

“My blog site is not only about what I do but my growth as an scrapbooker and as a person, it is a journey of my life in what I create, what I believe and what my passion is really all about. I think a selfless sharer of what she knows is the best experience one can offer.” – Cabbie of A Shabby Passion

Miranda’s Scrapsite

“My blog is about scrapping and photography… A perfect way to gather memories, show my emotions and tell about things that are important for me.

“I started blogging in 2005, to give the teachers at my team something to remember our first school year by. I walked along a scrapbook store and immediately knew that that was what I was looking for. I made ten layouts (personalized with pictures of each teacher) and then I was addicted!” -Miranda of Miranda’s Scrapsite

Heirloom Scraps

“Scrapbooking is a passion of mine and has been for the last 10 years. I am a lover of heritage and vintage photos and products, I am lucky enough to have access to some awesome products from some fabulous Australian companies which work fabulously with my shabby vintage style.” – Kim of Heirloom Scraps

Crafting Confessions

“Crafting Confessions is a place where I can share my papercrafting projects with readers around the world. I focus mainly on card making and adopt a very clean-and-simple style when it comes to my creations. Stamping is my main passion when it comes to paper crafting though I love to challenge myself sometimes and experiment with a new style or medium to work with.” – Amy of Crafting Confessions


Mississippi Kitchen Chocolate "Makin' Whoopie" pies

Mississippi Kitchen’s Decadent Double-Stuffed Strawberry and Chocolate “Makin’ Whoopie” Pies in Strawberry Pools

Mississippi Kitchen

Mississippi Kitchen is Lorie’s personal food blog where she connects with family and friends about the recipes she loves. She also blogs about her experiences on the contest cooking circuit, as well as restaurants she has visited and her foodie discoveries. “I don’t take myself too seriously; I like to have fun in the kitchen. I like to have fun on my blog too, because aren’t there enough stuffy blogs on the Internet?”

Teen Baker

Blogger Lucy started Teen Baker three years ago. “I had a long list of food blogs that I would regularly read and be inspired by. I knew I would start a blog ‘when I was older’ but simply decided not to wait. As a teenage baker I’m always trying something new and this is reflected on my blog. I love to bake all things delicious and sweet – cookies, cakes, tarts – and blog these regularly along with the occasional savoury treat. I bake because I love the process and I love sharing and enjoying the results even more.”

The Iowa Wino

“Wine is my passion,” explains blogger Dan, “and The Iowa Wino blog is my journey through the world of wine. Simple reviews for folks wanting to discover the fun in drinking wine. I’m a certified wine nut, self proclaimed Pinot God and I’ve never met a grape I didn’t like.”

The Messy Epicure

“I’ve been obsessed with cooking since I learned my dad’s secret chicken soup ingredient when I was five, and I’ve been obsessed with writing since I followed a girl I liked to a literary magazine meeting freshman year of high school, so it’s no surprise I became a food writer. I started The Messy Epicure after being laid off from a cooking magazine—it helped to stave off food-writing withdrawal. My culinary philosophy is that I’ll try anything once, and I love to do things the old-fashioned way, whether that means baking bread from scratch or grinding my own short ribs for burgers.” – Jason of The Messy Epicure

Confessions of a Food Nazi

A seasoned political blogger turned food blogger, Another Outspoken Female is based in Melbourne, Australia with a great point of view and a hunger for the mundane and the exotic alike (leek and smoked eel pasta, anyone?).

AOF uses her blog as a cook’s journal – “all the recipes are my own (unless stated otherwise) – this is a more effective way for me to record them rather than all the scraps of paper I used to have (and lose) around the home. I also muse about food and blogging and spoke at the first ever Australian Food Bloggers conference (Eat Drink Blog) last year about why and how I blog.”


Uniquely Moochiku

“It all started with my obsessions with crafts and accessories made from colorful tiny beads, which later turned into having the blog and sharing them with the world. The crafts sold in my blog are made by local people of Sarawak, Borneo in hope that rest the world would know these meticulous crafts are of high artistic value and unique. When people buy crafts from my blog, they will also help towards the well being of the local people.

“I wish more people will appreciate handmade arts and crafts so that future generations will know and remember their roots.” – Mona of Uniquely Moochiku

Evolution of Style

“I love design and am a bit OCD about HGTV, so Evolution of Style is a creative outlet for me to write about home decor, DIY design and my own style evolution in making our new home our own. With a laundry list of home projects, it’s been a lot of fun trying new ideas and reinventing my own style.” – Jenny of Evolution of Style

The Well-Appointed Catwalk

“I started The Well-Appointed Catwalk as a creative outlet to explore my love of design. I am a writer in my professional life, and I can barely draw a straight line, so I am constantly in awe of those with design talent. I appreciate good design in all its forms, so the blog incorporates fashion, interior design, graphic design, industrial design and architecture. Basically, it’s a place for me to showcase the things I see around the Web and in real life that continue to blow me away.” – Marissa of The Well-Appointed Catwalk

I am the Sporadic Stamper

“My website is aptly named. I am certainly sporadic when it comes to stamping and blogging. I started my blog with the hopes of eventually landing a spot on a design team. I credit my sister-in-law for telling me to just do it. I am fortunate to have become a design team member for a fabulously creative internet-based company called Waltzingmouse Stamps.” -Kate of I am the Sporadic Stamper

Glynis Cutbirth Designs

Jewelry designer Glynis says, “My blog is another avenue for me to express my creativity and inspirations. I welcome you to join me on this journey, sharing encouragement and inspirations along the way.

“My blog is both informative and inspirational. I believe my designs come from within. I want to share where my inspiration comes from, in hopes that my readers may see more than just a piece of jewelry. I also share positive life inspirations with my readers in hopes that it may lift their spirits and encourage them to inspire others.”

Its My World

“It’s my world is home to many things about me, my everyday life, my love for crafts and lastly my love of photography. So if random things are your style and and you love polka dots then you are sure gonna love my little place in cyber space.” -Katy of Its My World

After reading this week’s blog picks, I am convinced that I must try to bake whoopie pies, that I need to get my kids a new art caddy for kids, and that scrapbooking is the perfect way to preserve my college memories. What do you think, readers? And who do you want to see on Best of the Web? Leave a comment, do tell!

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