Best of the Web: Be @ Home#36


Here comes Wednesday again with a fresh set of blogs to inspire the creative genius in you. Entertain you senses and aesthetics’ with insights from this week’s Featured bloggers in Be@Home.

We have selected assorted blogs to take you through a crafty ride. Enjoy planning a great party with fun party ideas. Get tips and ideas around the house with the home improvement how-to and remodeling projects. Once again scrapbooking and quilting take us to another level with more ideas, layouts and tips. Finally, tickle the chef in you with the recipes, cooking tips and food advice in this week’s blog picks.

Glimpse through our blog picks in this Best of the Web: Be @ Home #36!


The TomKat Studio

“The TomKat Studio is a blog and shop filled with fabulous party inspiration. The blog serves up creative party ideas daily, along with featured vendors, giveaways and free printables. The shop offers printable designs and party supplies. My work and products have been featured on, and in publications such as Parenting Magazine and Celebrate Magazine.” Kim Stoegbauer  of The TomKat Studio


Creating {Non} Sense

My blog “CREATING {NON}SENSE” is the place where I share the creative side of me. As a very busy mother of three, the wife of a constantly travelling husband and part-time office manager, I don’t have a lot of “me” time. The time I do have, I spend mainly creating scrapbook pages (for manufacturers, kit clubs and challenge blogs, but most of all for me). Besides scrapbook pages I create cards, mini albums and a few home decorations.”- Monique of Creating{non}sense


“My goal with my blog is to make a blog that is a source of inspiration for other scrapbooking peeps all around the world. Hoping they can find a way to express their own art and have fun. I love getting those small messages on my blog saying that someone has gotten loads of inspiration from my artwork. I am dedicated scrapbooker and my blog contains all my artwork and links to scrappy friends and manufacturers” – Katarina of Krumeluran

Big Momma’s (he)Art

 “Scrap booking and blogging about it is very relaxing from the excitement of a busy life. We get and share inspiration from the works of fellow scrapbookers around the world. Scrapping is a great stress buster for me. My blog can contribute to yours because my works are great interior decor with everything personalized and close to ones heart. I want to show the readers how my favorite techniques can look different in a lot of pages and altered art.” Emma of Big Momma’s(he)Art


“I have been teaching scrapbooking and papercrafting in Singapore for a few years and the blog started out as a way to share ideas with the friends I have made through scrapbooking and then slowly became a place for me to to pen down my thoughts.  It has been a way for me to capture the memories I have of this time of my life. I hope you find ideas that will intrigue you and encourage you to have fun creating things.”- Sharon of Glooshmoo

A little Knick Knack

“The blog has sort of evolved from simple home and craft projects to products reviews, giveaways, tutorials, guest posts and link parties. It lets me have an outlet for some restless energy and to channel it into something creative that I can share with others. I love the friends I have met in blog land and the things I have learned. I am having so much fun with this and I hope others will, too”- Megan of A little Knick Knack



Simply LKJ

“My blog is about living simply, yet beautifully. I love organization, comfortable décor, gardening, do-it-yourself projects, cooking and being a mom.  My posts reflect the many things that interest me.  I initially started my blog to share my passions with other bloggers.  I never dreamed of the amazing friendships I would make along the way.” -Lauren of Simply LKJ

{All Things Bright and Beautiful}

” All Things Bright and Beautiful was born as a creative outlet for my favorite hobby in the world: all things design. I love to feature real people’s homes also and have them discuss how they have personalized the space, most of them on a tight budget, in a monthly feature called “How to Make Your Home Your Own”. Occasionally, I feature DIY projects that myself or other talented bloggers have cooked up and share secrets about making your home beautiful on a budget. And of course there are daily inspiration pictures from colorful and amazing spaces that I find on my web travels. Hope to see you there.”- Aubrey of All Things Bright and Beautiful

Blue Century Home

“Blue Century Home covers our triumphs and foibles as we learn the ropes of home ownership and restoration of our 141 year old country Victorian farmhouse. Our blog is full of amusing pictures and stories of our DIY progress and setbacks as well as the wildlife we encounter. We like before and after pictures in magazines, so we’ve made sure to create a Before and After page in our blog for our readers’ entertainment.  If you are interested in the supernatural, you might find our Spirit Watcher page intriguing as well. We hope you enjoy reading our adventures as much as we love experiencing them.”- Amanda and James of Blue Century Home



“I started the Fresh Lemons Quilts blog 2 years ago to chronicle my journey through the world of modern sewing.  From the beginning, I learned so much from other bloggers out there; it has always been a goal of mine to give back by creating patterns, tutorials and tips for others. My style is inspired by bright colors, white space and crisp, clean lines.”- Faith of Lemon Quilts blog



This engaging blog is about “simple recipes for every day cooking and entertaining. Only using fresh ingredients that nourish your mind and body.” As described in her blog, Yadsia is a “Foodie, Décor Enthusiast, DIY pro & Organized Mess” who shares her passion and beautiful pictures with us through her blog.


“Haniela’s is a place where I write about my loves, from delicate edible works of cookie art to a simple casserole or a stunning picture of a frozen waterfall. I enjoy food styling and photography more than I could have ever imagine and I enjoy developing  my  own recipes, I love homemade food  and  sharing my own childhood food experience is very much present in many of my blogs posts, trying to preserve the traditions and finding the new ones as I go along. I like to share news from our beautiful garden, my daily projects or just anything that crosses my path and I find it interesting. I am proud to say that thanks to my blog I was able to discover many talented people, bloggers across the globe; it is a winning experience to find people that share the same interests. I hope to see you on the pages of my blog.”- Hani of Haniela’s

One Vanilla Bean

One Vanilla Bean is a food blog, but it is also about friends, family, travel, and daily life. I write about things that inspire me: an ingredient, a meal, a vacation can all be sources of inspiration. I like to use fresh, seasonal ingredients and come up with recipes that showcase those ingredients. My favorite recipe for summer is the watermelon, fennel and goat cheese salad. In addition, my all time favorite recipe is the Almond and Grand Marnier Cheesecake.” – Cecilia for One Vanilla Bean

Life’s a Feast

“Life’s a Feast began as a humble little food blog, a place where I could share my favorite recipes, an outlet for my food and baking obsession. However, writing, my true passion, quickly became the focus. Life’s a Feast is now my home away from home, a kitchen table around which I gather my friends, recounting stories, which explore the unexpected adventures of my life while regaling them with the best of my multi-cultural kitchen. “- Jamie of Life’s a Feast

Utterly Scrummy Food for Families

“My recipe blog has an uncomplicated family food focus rather than faffing around with compicated gourmet recipes.  All my recipes use ingredients that are easily obtained from supermarkets or local food shops.  My hope is that the recipes on my blog inspire readers to cook  healthy, tasty, and quick meals for themselves and their families using inexpensive ingredients or making a little bit of a luxury ingredient go a long way.  Cooking on a budget does not mean boring food.” - Michelle of Utterly Scrummy Food for Families

Off the Spork

“Off the spork is a food blog based in Melbourne, Australia focused on cooking, baking, eating out and occasionally travel. I started blogging four years ago so I would stop boring friends and family with my constant food talk, to improve my food photography and to share my love for the humble spork”- Agnes of Off the Spork

The Glutster

“Food, angst and adolescence is the concept behind the The Glutster’s (formerly Teenage Glutster) food blog” said Javier. He is a twenty-year old full time student reporting on Food, booze, punk rock, scooter and beaner Culture In East L.A & Beyond. In addition, he is a freelancer for Saveur Magazine, Food Writer for The Alhambra Source, and recently columnist for Eater LA’s “East of the River Eats”

Z’s Cup of Tea

Zoe started cooking and baking gluten-free, dairy-free, and Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD) friendly foods for her brother recovering from autism when she was a teen, which eventually prompted her to start her blog, Z’s Cup of Tea, where she shares her own recipes and those that she’s adapted from other sources including cookbooks and other food blogs with photos and videos with a personal approach. Some of her most popular recipes include marshmallows (sweetened with honey or agave nectar, without refined sugar or corn syrup), gluten-free baking powder biscuits, almond flour crepes, and roasted bell pepper egg in the basket. In addition to her blog, you can also be a fan on Facebook ( and follow her on Twitter (@zscupoftea).

The DIY blogs have enthused me to hunt for a open bookshelf room divider to redecorate my living space. I am also going to try some interesting recipe for dessert tonight. There is so much we can learn and find through the efforts of these bloggers in so less time. So what are you waiting for?  Get into action with the blog that interests you most. Also, don’t forget to submit your much loved blog to be highlighted on the Best of the Web: Be@Home by mailing at 

3 Responses to “Best of the Web: Be @ Home#36”

  1. Shamnon Says:

    I’m a follower of Lauren’s at Simply LKJ. This is well deserved recognition for her amazing DIY projects. I will have to go checkout the other great blogs you have featured. Congratulations Lauren!

  2. Minin Says:

    SHOP.COOK.MAKE is a very interesting blog. It has everything you need, simple recipes and beautiful presentation. Good choice to be one of the, Best of the Web.

  3. Shirley @ gfe Says:

    I am a huge fan of Zoe’s at Z’s Cup of Tea and I’m so happy to see her get this award! :-) I’m interested in all the other blogs you’ve shared here, too. Thanks for the introductions!


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