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This Week’s Best of the Web makes me simultaneously hungry and grateful. Here’s where my stomach starts growling: we’re featuring a cookbook author’s blog and a happy homestead blog with plenty of recipe posts to make your mouth water. Whether or not you have food allergies, you’ll be saying yum in no time with the third feature in our lineup, which is a gourmet food site that offers everything from soy- and nut-free to gluten-free recipes.

Not in the mood for food? No worries – we’re also featuring a great family site that’ll have you laughing with the author’s posts about being the mother of triplets and then some. It makes me grateful toward my mother for handling all of my crazy shenanigans.

Check out this week’s Best of the Web picks, and tell us what you think!

1. Interact with a cookbook author at:

Jennifer’s Blog Jennifer McLagan of

Author Jennifer McLagan loves blogging for multiple reasons. Here’s what she has to say about why she entered the blogosphere: “I started blogging because it was easier, and cheaper than updating my web page. I love the way that I can interact with people who read the blog via the comments. I write mostly about food and my favourite city Paris. A blog is a great way to keep readers of my books updated with what I am doing and my new projects. I try to post once a week, but I don’t always succeed.”

2. Gain some insight at:

Common Sense Homesteading

Common Sense Homesteading via

Next up is another blog that loves to write about food, but not just any food. You’ll find some really unique recipes and ideas at the Common Sense Homesteading. Here’s how Laurie describes her blog: “Common Sense Homesteading is using common sense to be more self-reliant, with an emphasis on home food production.  We’ll share stories, recipes, ideas and hopefully a few laughs. Your homestead can be anything from acreage in the country to an apartment in the city – it’s a mindset, not a location. It’s an attitude that says, I can do that!

3. Make food-allergy-friendly meals with:

The Intolerant Gourmet (

Intolerant Gourmet via Pippa at

Did you like the recipes on the first two featured blogs, but can’t try them all because of your food allergies? The Intolerant Gourmet should be your next stop, because you’ll find plenty of recipes that are tailored for your particular needs. Here’s what Pippa has to say: “I began The Intolerant Gourmet as a way of sharing my experiences of cooking for food intolerances and allergies; it was borne from my own experiences of living with food sensitivities but also a genuine passion for cooking, eating seasonally and good quality food.  Now, two years on, The Intolerant Gourmet is a growing site packed full of tips, reviews and advice, and totally dedicated to creating delicious food that just happens to be allergy-free.”

4. Get your ticket ready and hop on the crazy train with:

McCormick Madness

McCormick Madness via Debbie at

In the mood for some comic relief after all that delicious food? When she begins to describe her blog, Debbie McCormick says that McCormick Madness is “where I’m continually searching for where I left my sanity.” I’m sure you’d do the same thing if you were the mom of triplets plus some! She doesn’t only blog about her adventures as a mommy, but also about “all the other things that invade my personal space.” With kids who she lovingly refers to as “Pint Sized Wrecking Ball” and other nicknames, Debbie has a great sense of humor that’ll have you laughing as you read about living the life of a McCormick in her household.

Have you started cooking with one of these great food blogs, or are you too busy reading the funny posts at McCormick Madness? I’ve been reading a little bit of all four, and already have a few recipes picked out for once I’ve finished replacing my stone tile backsplash in the kitchen. What do you think of the sites we’ve featured this week?

2 Responses to “Best of the Web no. 29”

  1. Katie Says:

    Love, Love, Love McCormick Madness and Debbie! And the other blogs sound delicious as well. Great feature!

  2. Georgia Girls Says:

    I’m already a follower of Debbie — fun!
    I’ll check into the other blogs — just organized my “provident pantry” to start using or chucking that old food from the 80′s (no, not upchuck) Thanks for the spotlights!

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