The Bose AE2 offer great sound


Bose AE2

If you love listening to music then the quality of sound is something that you wouldn’t want to compromise on. When buying portable music players the choice headphones are extremely important. Bose headphones are among the best sounding ones you will find in this world. Among the Bose headphones the AE2 offers great sound quality along with unmatched features and comfort.

First off I am sure most of you know that stuff from Bose doesn’t come cheap. They are on the expensive side but then again you do get amazing sound quality. Bose products don’t have fancy designs which would turn eyes as they give their products a low profile look and it is the same with the Bose AE2. This headphone has comes in a combination of black in silver. They have large ear cushions which will keep you comfortable while listening to music for long hours together. The good cushioning and the overall weight of about 140 grams make it the most comfortable headphones you will find. They are extremely convenient to carry as the ear cups fold inwards and the cord can be detachable.

Unlike the Bose QuietComfort series the AE2 does not offer active noise cancelling. The Bose AE2 does offer a tight seal which filters out a lot of external noise. Now this system might not match up to the QuietComfort series but they do a decent job. Coming to the sound, well these headphones like all Bose ones offer you with crisp and accurate bass. Now the latest music sounds above average on these headphones but when it comes to poorly recorded music or classic tracks from the 80s it doesn’t quite sound as good as it should. So it short good recordings sound great whereas bad ones just sound really bad.

Bose also offers a 30 day money-back guarantee, so you can try before you buy, so in case you don’t really like it you can return it back. Overall this is one of the best headphones in its price category (not many out there) and it does stick to the qualities that have made Bose one of the leaders in sound systems.

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