But in purple, I’m stunning


purple dress shirtPurple – long before it was associated with feel good chick flicks, the color purple was synonymous with royalty. That meant the pomp, swag, and the attitude to go along with it all. Today many men are afraid to wear purple under the false belief that it will make them look feminine – colors don’t make you look feminine gents. As always the most important element here is the fit – a well fitting dress shirt makes for a put-together man, and unless your shirt is cut like a dress, it won’t look feminine on your masculine frame. Now lets get down to the details:

Why should I wear a purple dress shirt?

purple dress shirtFor the very same reason you’re asking the question – because you normally wouldn’t. Ask yourself, how many men do you see out there wearing purple dress shirts? I’m guessing close to zero – how many men do you see out there wearing black dress shirts? A lot of them. Don’t be a lemming – stand out from the crowed and go in your own direction. By wearing a purple dress shirt you’ll be setting yourself apart from the cookie cutter outfits most men wear these days while retaining all the elegance and class of a more typical button down.

How do I wear a purple dress shirt?

If your wardrobe consists mostly of darker colors, there’s a very good reason for it – blacks and greys are extremely easy to match with each other, saving many color-challenged men a clashing headache. The good news is that you really can’t go wrong with a solid colored dress shirt as long as you stick with black and white. That means black pants and a black blazer, or white pants and a white blazer by the way – don’t go mix and matching top and bottom colors unless you want to come off looking like a clown.

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