How to wear camo cargo shorts


camo cargo shorts

Camouflage shorts or camo cargo shorts are popular with both men and women because of their eclectic flair. Most men love it because they are comfortable. Wearing these shorts with panache doesn’t require a lot of skills. All that you need to do is keep these simple tips in mind-

  • As a rule of thumb, always keep the look low-key when sporting camo cargo shorts. You should keep the rest of the look simple and let the shorts get that attention.
  • Never wear these shorts with a printed or patterned top as they clash. Stick a solid, neutral shirt if you want to keep your shorts the highlight of this comfy style. Else, you will simply be shifting attention away from them. The idea is to wear something that compliments the shorts rather than distracting it.
  • These shorts go well with an array of footwear. If you are heading for the beach then a relaxed and cool pair of sandals or flip flops is a great option. You can sport them with sneakers too but make sure that you avoid socks that go right up to the knee. Ankle length socks are safe play here.
  • You can accessorize these shorts with a pair of suave sunglasses for that cool quotient. Of course, it also offers protection from damaging UV rays. A baseball cap or even Fedora hat may be worn with the shorts. Again the idea is to keep the look simple.

So, go ahead and wear these camo cargo shorts in style!





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