Fun and colorful homes for the rodents



There are some people who will take a look at little white mice, hamsters and gerbils and scream “Help, get that vermin out of here!” and there are others who can’t but exclaim, “Wow! Look at that cute rodent, isn’t it adorable!” If you belong to the latter category, you probably love rodents as pets. Watching hamsters and mice scamper across their cages is a very entertaining sight. Rodent cages are of various types, some are simple wire cages while others are colorful homes with plenty of avenues for the critters to have fun. Want a fun living space for your small pet; take a look at the following options.

Crittertrail Super Pet CritterTrail two
This two-level home is made from a combination of odor and stain resistant plastic and wire. It comes with 2 comfort shelves, a water bottle, food dish, an exercise wheel and three fun climbing tubes. It has a unique petting zone and two convenient doorways that make access to your pet easy. You can attach various accessories in six different places on the cage.

SAM Here & There 2 home and traveler
This versatile home for hamsters and gerbils has four levels that include a removable traveler, a built in treat area, Bubble Toob elevator, an exercise wheel, locking door, feeding dish and water bottle. You can add different accessories to this cage to create a changing environment for your pet.

Habitrail Ovo home small animal cage
This futuristic looking hamster cage provides plenty of avenues for your pet to explore, sleep, exercise and burrow. It has a rounded base that makes cleaning easier and prevents chewing. It comes with a food dish, a water bottle, an OVO trainer, a hideaway cube, two windows and two lock connectors.

Colorful fun cages make your pet feel happier by giving it plenty of opportunities to play around. They are also add a pop of color to your décor!

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