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Dog backpack

If you are an outdoorsy sort of a person and a dog enthusiast, you are likely to take your pet along on your hiking and camping trips. It would be practical to get a dog backpack so that your pet can keep essential stuff like the pet first aid kit, kibble and its water bottle close at hand. There are plenty of dog backpacks in the market meant to meet varying needs. You need to select one based on your requirements and pet’s structure. Some of the backpack choices include:


  • Rough and tough backpacks: Made of extremely resilient materials, these backpacks ensure that they can withstand heavy duty outdoor activities such as backpacking, multi day camping and trekking through difficult terrain. They are designed to minimize the strain of carrying a load for extended periods of time. The features of such backpacks include compression straps, padding, brush guards and lashing options. The Mountainsmith dog backpack and the Doggles extreme dog backpack are examples of such backpacks.
  • Dog backpackEveryday backpacks: These backpacks are meant to be used for short trips, day hikes or less strenuous outdoor activities. Consequently they are made from less sturdy materials as they are designed to carry lighter loads. Instances are the DDI Gypsy backpack and the Kurgo Wander Pack dog backpack.
  • Unique backpacks: The Ruff Wear Singletrak Pack dog backpack has been designed for dogs that take part in highly aerobic activities, such as trail running and mountain biking, where it is essential to have plenty of water to avoid dehydration. The Rocky Mountain K-9 Accessories Trailblazer is another dog back worth mentioning because it has an ergonomic design that allows the dog to carry its water, leash, collapsible bowl and waste pouch, high up on its body so that the dog finds it easier to move about.

Once you have decided which type of dog backpack you require, you will need to measure your pet to ensure that you get a pack of the right size. Then you are all set to let your pet carry its own load!

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