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Good control surfaces for your digital audio workstations are something that is not easy to find.  At times it get’s confusing with the knobs whose functions of which change more often than not. This is where Euphonix MC Control does its magic.

The Euphonix MC control can be used as a companion controller to the MC Mix. The MC Mix as you know would focus on the fader and plug-in control. The MC control here gives you hands-on access to other aspects of your software via a touchscreen, assignable buttons, and a jog wheel. The MC Mix can be used alone as it has 4 fader strips of its own or in conjunction with up to 4 MC Mixes.

Coming to the design, the Euphonix MC control is a pretty sleek unit and has the styling that resembles the MC Mix. The left side of the unit contains the four channel strip faders along with the selection and record buttons which is pretty similar to the MC Mix. The top right corner consists of Euphonix’s own buttons with which you can switch pages, jump between events back and forth or even switch between applications. The unlabelled Shift buttons are present in both bottom left and right corners similar to the MC Mix, this will enable you to get access to secondary controls. Now in the center you will find the most interesting thing which is the touch screen. It has a petty impressive resolution of about 800×480 pixels. The viewing angle could have been better on this device as it becomes difficult to view things unless you are looking straight down at it. The screen flickers a bit when you increase the brightness of this device considerably which could be a problem for a few.

Barring all the shortcomings this is one impressive device. It performs extremely well with Logic Pro, Nuendo, Cubase, Pro Tools and Euphonix. The installation of this device is effortless. Connection to your Mac is also extremely simple via the supplied Ethernet cable if you are using it alone. Now if you are also using the MC Mixes or other network connections, you’ll need an Ethernet switch or hub. Overall the MC control offers a lot more control and more parameters thanks to its configurable touchscreen which make it a perfect link between you and your digital audio work station

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