Family and friends activity: Outdoor movie night


The dog days of summer are here. Now is the time right before the kids start going back to school,  the air becomes cooler and the leaves begin to turn. It is likely that you aren’t the only parent going through this, so why not invite other parents and their kids to your backyard for a last hurrah before for the summer ends.

Setting up a outdoor movie theater is pretty easy. The hardest part being finding a video projector that fits your budget and your needs.

For the movie set-up:

Video Projector
AV Cables
DVD player or Laptop
White Sheet or Tarp
2 Ladders
2 PVC Pipes
Rope, Twine or Clamps

For the seating:


Set up your seating area:

Use blankets on top of tarps for kids and adults who would like to sit or lay down on the ground. Disney fleece blankets are a great choice for this. Leave some extra blankets out in case the evening gets cold. Set-up chairs being behind the blankets and make sure to leave room behind the seating area for the tables where food and the video projector and the movie playing device will go.

Set up the movie screen:

Set up the two ladders across from each other parallel. They should be far away enough from each other to allow your white sheet or tarp to be fully extended lengthwise. Put one PVC pipe between the two ladders. This pipe will become the top of your movie screen. Make sure that the pipe is high enough to allow your screen to hang down without touching the ground. Once that is done, use the second PVC pipe as an anchor that will keep the screen from blowing away. To secure the screen to the pipes, use ropes or clamps.

Now you are set and ready to go. Pick your movies. Invite your friends and your family; and enjoy your movie night.

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