Five alternative uses for a backyard storage shed


by Alan Bernau Jr. | | via CC

Let’s face it America, we’re notorious for collecting tons of junk and more often that not, we’ll need a place to store it. Those 50-year old issues of Better Homes and Gardens that you refuse to throw away? Store them in a shed. Or how about that awesome riding lawn mower that you “borrowed” from your neighbor that you’ve had for years? You know, the one that you promised to return to them as soon as you got settled into your new place? Yah, I’m still a bit bitter over my old neighbor Joe not returning my family’s lawn mower after he moved to New York…

Anyways, let’s say that you finally decided to finally clean your nice little Apex shed and now that it’s free of codwebs and clutter what do you do with it now? Here’s a list of the top five alternative uses for a backyard storage shed.apex-shed

  • Children’s playhouse: If you have children, turning your backyard Apex shed into a storage shed can provide countless hours of entertainment for your child. Keep their outdoor toys there and they’ll always have a place to play.
  • Garage: Whether you own a riding lawn mower or a motorized scooter, or just need a place to store your mountain bike, park it in an outdoor shed.
  • Office: That’s right. If you have enough lighting, you can turn your outdoor shed into a place of productivity and solitude so that no one can disturb you.
  • Meditation room: Perhaps it’s too noisy in the house to pray or meditate. If that’s the case, then a backyard shed can be a place of tranquility.
  • Workshop or hobby room:  If you need a place to quietly work on your hobbies or crafts with little interruption, then a backyard shed is a great choice for this.

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