How to change your hair color to something you will like


goldwell topchic

You can’t go wrong if you follow some basic rules to color your hair. First is to go with your personality type. Secondly, go with what matches your skin color and the color of your eyes and stick close to your natural hair color. Here are some more tips on how to get a hair color you’ll really like:

  • Your skin type is an accurate guide to decide on your hair color. Skin tones are generally categorized into cool or warm skin tones. Broadly, hair colors like shades of blonde, black, brown and reds will suit you if you have a cool skin tone. Warm skin tones suit hair colors like strawberry or honey blonde, ginger or orange based reds, auburn and dark to chocolate brown with hints of rust.Goldwell Topchic
  • If you have light colored eyes and skin, it’s best to go with lighter colors for your hair. If you light eyes and sensual dark skin, then almost any color will suit your hair like bronze or copper. Medium color eyes and light colored skin look better with hair color that’s light to medium in depth. Dark eyes with dark skin look great with deep hair colors.  We would recommend Goldwell Topchic hair colors as it gives you great color results every time for any skin tone.
  • You must choose a hair color that’s closest to your natural hair color to play it safe. This way you know it already suits your skin tone and color of your eyes. Natural, warm hair colors are deep brown, red, blonde and grey. Natural, cool hair colors are coffee brown, medium ash brown and platinum blondes have salt and pepper shades. Natural, neutral colors are caramel browns and dull blondes. You can also take a look at hair color charts to understand this better.

Stick to the colors that go with your natural self. Don’t go overboard with colors but keep it subtle and tasteful so the end result makes you look better and younger.

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