High rise jeans: fad or disaster


High rise jeans

Everything in fashion depends on the cut, fabric and the body donning them. A high rise cut is not the most versatile cut. The high-rise style cinches in the waist, emphasizes the rear and lengthens the leg, automatically giving shape to someone who has very little shape. It also accentuates the shape of someone who already has curves. The high rise style comes in skirts, trousers and jeans. In addition, a high rise jeans comes in all of the cuts that people like: skinny, jeggins, flare, boot cut and straight leg. There are different wash types available too. Paired with the right blouse, these are perfect for work or a casual evening out. They give a cute & chic look. The high rise jeans off set the shortness of most tops which leave belly exposed with low rise jeans.

There are some issues with a high rise jeans though. People have mentioned discomfort in bending at the waist while wearing them. Also witnessed is the mysterious materialization of a paunch at the front that does a good imitation of the back. It does flatter the shape, but the results might not be the same for everyone. This is especially true for those who have too much going on in the section between the belly button and top.

Moreover, I really do not think high waist work on jeans. They work much better with trousers than jeans, because the purpose of the high waist is to play with proportions. The trousers are both comfortable and reasonably flattering for someone with long legs and smallish waist but a bit chunky around the hips and thighs.

Personally, I think the jeans that sits just at the waist is best and looks best on the widest range of people. There are no rules though, it is your body, you pick your clothes, your own style and that is freedom.



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