How to troubleshoot your wireless keyboard or mouse


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Let’s face it, trying to troubleshoot your wireless keyboard or mouse can sometimes be as infuriating as the Dow Jones was last week. Sometimes it will connect, other times it will just give you a nice healthy serving of “Screw you! HAHAHAHAHA!” and stop working at 3 AM when you’re trying to push out a report that’s due the next day. Believe me when I say that I’m a master on this matter, with a lot of the experience gained through university.

Here are a few helpful pointers so that you get your Microsoft wireless keyboard and mouse working.

  • The first and most common method to troubleshooting your wireless device is to resync it with the receiver. Press the button on the receiver and wait until it starts to blink. If a dialog box on the screen appears, follow the instructions or press and release the connect button on the microsoft-wireless-keyboard-6000mouse or keyboard. Check to make sure both lights are green.
    • Note: Some newer Microsoft wireless keyboards and mice are permanently bound to their receiver.
  • Try a different USB port to determine if the problem is related to the port. Unplug and reconnect to any other available port.
  • Often, the most simple solution is the right answer. Reinstalling batteries into your wireless device and then resyncing them to the receiver will solve all your problems more often than not.
  • Other wireless devices can often interfere with the signal between your wireless device and receiver, try to keep items such as routers, radios, cell phones, etc. away from your keyboard.
  • Installing the latest software or drivers can sometimes solve your problem as well.
  • To determine if it’s a problem with your computer, try the product on a different computer.


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