Improve the looks of your average tissue box with bamboo


Just like paper towels and napkins, tissues are something you should always keep around your house. You never know when someone might get sick or just simply need to sneeze. I’m also a believer in spending a little extra money to get the soft tissues because stiff and scratchy is never good around your sensitive face.

There is one thing I have against tissues and that is the boxes they typically come in. All the different colored cardboard doesn’t ever go with the feel of my rooms! I often admire permanent, nice tissue boxes and think how useful that would be for me. On doing research, I learned about an eco-friendly, stylish bamboo tissue box that I must have!

I love how bamboo accessories look in a home so this would fit right in. Especially in my bathroom where I already have a bamboo soap dispenser and toothbrush holder! Bamboo holds a very stylish, modern feel while also being earthy and natural. Furthermore, bamboo tissue boxes come in many different sizes  and colors so you are sure to find one to match your home.

Another important benefit is that its eco-friendly.  If you don’t have any bamboo accessories in your home, I would suggest getting some because they not only look great but are great for the environment as well!

I can’t wait to get this in the mail so I can add some style to my home and replace those cardboard tissue boxes with bamboo!

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