JBL professional line of speakers


jbl professional speakers

When it comes to quality sound systems, JBL is a name that is very familiar. JBL off late has identified and is working on one very critical fact that distinguishes it from the other competitors. It is quite simple actually. They finally figured out that each customer is unique with different requirements when it comes to professional audio. JBL Professional has produced the finest studio monitors in the recording, broadcast and post production applications. Various famous superstars have provided power packer performances supported by JBL professional line of speakers and other applications.

JBL has a very wide range of equipment to meet the unique requirements of customers. The JBL professional speakers like the LSR 6300 and LSR 4300 series are intricately engineered to meet the demanding requirements of production houses. Their built in features are par-excellence and bring about the wow effect in its performance. Some of the sub woofer varients in the LSR4300 and LSR6300 series have the Linear Spatial Reference Powered Sub woofer for multi channel broadcast production, which control the overall performance of the system in a variety of acoustic spaces; Room mode correction technology analyze and compensate for low frequency problems providing exceptional accuracy at the mix position, built in boundary compensation, which helps to offset the increase in bass-response, low-frequency transducers with neodymium motor structures, a 450-watt amplifier, stereo 24-bit, 96kHz digital S/PDIF and AES/EBU inputs etc. These and many more features are designed and incorporated into its various products to cater to individual requirements of production houses. In addition to the extensive, rich features, the JBL models are attractively priced.

Many big production houses, would be found using JBL equipment due to its quality, precision, variety, uniqueness and ability to meet even the smallest of requirements. JBL ensures customer satisfaction and strives to continue to meet the ever increasing demands of exceptional quality.

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