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 Skaters are a whole different breed altogether. With words like goofy foot and fakie, they zoom through the air on their skate boards and defy the law of gravity itself. Watch them perform ollies and switches and let your heart skip a beat! Skaters are dynamic, confident and tough. And this exactly is their style of dressing up: dynamic, confident and tough! Their main requirement is their shoes and they make their individual choices. They want to make their own fashion statement and believe me you are sure to turn your head to watch them move in style. The skinny jeans, slouch socks and a pair of neon shoes, oh wow! Now that’s what style statement is. Isn’t it?

Well, of all the shoes crafted, one shoe that has the spunk or daringness comes from the brand Osiris. Osiris is known for blending unique styles and designs inspired from various generations. It knows the secret to attract people of all ages because what it gives is comfort with durability along with breath taking colors in their shoes. Whether you are young, or still young at heart, you will love the retro look of neon shoes that mens Osiris shoes have to offer. Check out the charcoal grey, black, and cracked green leather shoe from Osiris. This classic NYC 83 mens skate shoe was built with abundance of comfort, highlighting features like extra padding and molded EVA insole. But lets be honest, it’s not just about comfort, this shoe is a pure steeze. Note the silver and neon green reflective details, the cool leather upper and the cracked green textured collar. Truly impressive!

The makers of Osiris have also created awesome women’s Osiris NYC 83 Slim Skate Shoe in stunning – White, Neon Pink and Black. Whether you’re on the ramps, in the air or just on the sidelines, Osiris give you that additional boost to take your performance on to next level. Double lace perforations, a lace lock, comfortable and snug are about some of the great qualities that these shoes possess.

The complexities and innovation are why these are clearly just damn good skating shoes. So, I guess it’s about time to gear up to tear up the ramps and outshine those newbs in the park. CHILL!

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