The advantages of Neoprene socks


neoprene socks

Want to keep your feet protected and dry while prancing around in water to your heart’s content? Then check out these neoprene socks. Take a look at other features that neoprene socks:

  • Socks like Simms neoprene wading socks are lightweight, contour fitting, and don’t bunch or wrinkle. They’re comfortable in any temperature without being constricting and keep your toes warm and protected. They can be worn with wading sandals when you go walking through cold streams or fishing. And they’re available in all sizes.neoprene socks
  • Neoprene is synthetic rubber that’s good protection in the water. These all-weather socks help to maintain the body’s natural temperature even as it keeps the feet dry and cozy. Orvis neoprene guard socks are ideal for fishing when you have to wade through cold water. Orvis socks have a gravel guard that keeps out small gravel and debris and keep your feet secure and protected. They offer good traction on slippery and wet surfaces.
  • Neoprene socks like the 1.5mm Ironman Blue Seventy swim socks can protect your feet and prevent accidents, slips, and are great for open water swimming.  Neoprene socks are like wetsuits and keep your feet dry and safe from moisture and keep your feet from getting calluses and scratches from rough objects.

You can wear these under heavier water socks for additional protection in tough conditions. That’s why even professional favor neoprene socks.

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