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If you are looking up to rev up your style, go orange! Yes, I mean it. Orange is a color full of energy, life and bounce. This wonderfully funky zesty color is sure to brighten up any interior — be it a living room, bedroom or kitchen. However, if you are not used to bold colors like this and feeling skeptical about its usage, follow these tips and you will achieve a successful orange home décor. Orange is a bright and warm color and the trick to use it in your décor is all about knowing how to make use of it to the correct extent!

* Remember that orange in isolation doesn’t really work well. For example if you have an accent wall in orange, it wouldn’t suffice. You will need to add orange accents to the room. For this you can acquire small and beautiful things like cushion covers or wall paintings, have an orange table lamp, orange files in a study, and so on. This way the color is spread to highlight around the whole room.

* If your living room is in soft shades of cream or beige with dark rich looking wooden furniture, you can have a fantastic arrangement of orange using a plenty of it. You can have orange cushions, a dash of orange within your carpet rug, orange candles.

* The brightness of orange makes the space look larger, so it is a great color to be applied in north facing rooms.

* If you want to use this funky color in your kitchen, orange mugs and tea towels are sure to give a dramatic touch. For a zestier effect, use orange in combination with blue! In fact shades of orange work great with blue and is quite popular in interior decorating.

* If you are one who is not so used to bold and bright shade as orange but would like to experiment and add it in your décor, little by little until you get accustomed to splashes of brighter shades.

Remember, orange is in great demand and is the most ‘in-thing.’ Hit the market and get some orange home accessories to create a happy home décor to brighten your day.

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